Stay OSHA Compliant: 5 Important Warehouse Safety Ideas

Working in a warehouse typically comes with extra pay and the reason for that is because of the hazards that follow that job around. Whether it be high-stacked shelving that can lead to injuries or heavy equipment that requires a license to drive. There are plenty of ways someone can injure themselves.

Use these five warehouse safety ideas to keep everyone in the workplace safe.

1. Make Sure Everyone Is Trained on Heavy Machinery

When you’re dealing with complicated machinery that has more wheels and buttons than a standard car, you’re asking for trouble when it comes to workplace safety. Ensure that everyone is trained on the machinery, even if they never use it.

By training everyone and keeping that training up to date, you can help your workers be prepared for any trouble that may come their way. Whether it be with getting out of the way when there’s a heavy machine going by or simply being able to park it in an out-of-the-way spot.

2. Be Aware of Hazards With Signs

Hazards come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. For instance, you have your trash compactor warnings wherever the trash compactor is. Even if you’ve been at the job for decades, having these warning signs are great subtle reminders for the team to always remember to be safe.

Signs also warn of where to go when things go south. Letting individuals know where cleaning materials or a spray down station is can help people figure out what to do in times of distress.

3. Setup Training for Proper Carrying Techniques

Get in contact with a professional to help demonstrate proper carrying techniques. Also let them see examples of when a piece or item is a team carry, rather than an individual.

Consider investing in a health program for your employees, as being able to go to the gym can help keep them limber and strong. Warehouse jobs are demanding and require a hefty amount of lifting that can diminish without outside help.

4. Keep Shelves Organized

Warehouse organization is a key component of warehouse safety. Keeping your materials and items organized on the shelves is a sure-fire way to keep things from going wrong.

Don’t overdo it though, try to have an overstock area where you can put excess items. That way their main area doesn’t get too full.

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5. Maintain Fire Safety

While fire drills may seem like a school thing, doing them regularly at work is a good method to ensuring a safer warehouse. In the case of emergencies, your staff will be ready to go, as they’ve been trained in these situations.

Always run checks on equipment like fire extinguishers or fire alarms. Regular checkups can make all the difference when it comes to saving lives.

Keep These Warehouse Safety Ideas Handy for the Entire Staff

By using these warehouse safety ideas, you’ll be keeping your warehouse employees safe. They’ll know what to do in every situation and do their best to ensure that the warehouse is as safe as possible.

If you want to learn more about running a successful business, whether that be through safety or financials, be sure to check out the rest of our blog. If you know someone in charge of a warehouse, be sure to share this article with them.

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