Spring Wedding Dresses Trends for 2021

Spring is just around the corner and we know what this means in the fashion industry—new fashion trends and collections for the season!

Spring represents new beginnings. It is also during spring when flowers bloom and flaunt their vibrant colors to the world. Do you know what else is related to flowers and new beginnings? Weddings! What better way to welcome and celebrate spring than to witness brides-to-be start a new chapter of their life with their partners.

With COVID still around the corner, most couples have opted for smaller, more intimate wedding ceremonies, mainly because big gatherings are still prohibited. However, this should not be a reason for brides-to-be to not flaunt their gorgeous gowns and dresses on their wedding day.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 wedding dress trends for Spring 2021:

Short dresses are now trendy for the main marriage ceremony, not only in the after-party or reception. Short dresses give brides-to-be a chance to f

launt their legs. Moreover, gone are the days when brides buy a pair of gorgeous shoes to match their traditional long wedding gowns, only for the shoes to be hidden under the fabric. With the rising popularity of short wedding dresses, you can now give your wedding shoes the attention that they deserve.

Short dresses are so common that you can find one in any bridal stores in NJ.

Just in case you’re not experiencing enough drama this year, let this Spring 2021 wedding dress trend make up for it. Amid the rising popularity of simple and minimalist wedding gowns and dresses lurks a style that screams volume—literally. Exaggerated ruffles have entered the trendy list this season and statement froth, a new type of texture, seems to be the most popular texture in this category.

By adding extra and dramatic ruffles to your dress, you’re going to have this weightless, dreamy, and flowy look that would make it seem like you’re a fairy tale princess that came to life. If you’re doing a garden wedding or your reception is held in a garden, imagine all the elegant and ethereal photos that you could take when you’re wearing ruffles.

What’s another good thing about ruffles? The style isn’t reserved only for weddings. Ruffles look good even as prom dresses, so if you can’t find a dress with ruffles in a bridal store, try finding one at any prom store in NJ.

A little shimmer and sparkle make anything look even more glamorous and chic. Subtle sparkles are usually added to gowns with sheer or semi-sheer fabric and can be achieved by using sequins and beading. This kind of dress design is perfect for sunset or evening wedding ceremonies or receptions. Just imagine how your dress would look like under the lights. You’ll be the center of attention on your wedding day.

The sparkles on your dress are usually already enough to do the talking, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear any accessories. You can still wear accessories, but keep it minimal so as not to take away the focus from your dress.

Square necklines are back in the trend! This kind of neckline, although originally made popular in the Renaissance era, brings back memories of the height of its popularity in the 90s. Square necklines can usually be seen on minimalist dress designs, so it gives the dress some hint of elegance.

Since the focus of this design is the shape of the neckline, this goes well with any kind of fabric that is usually used for wedding gowns or dresses, such as satin, lace, or crepe.

Since necklines work well with specific face shapes, it’s fortunate that square necklines work well for most people, but it’s more beneficial for those with shorter necks and narrow shoulders.

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