Spice Up your Life and Switch to Two Wheels

Life can become a bit of a routine and as some famous old man once said, ‘the only difference between a rut and a grave is how long you’ve been in it’. If you are finding your lifestyle too predictable and want to introduce some thrill and adventure, sell the car and invest in a superbike. If you have yet to experience a powerful motorcycle, ask a friend for a pillion ride and tell him you like speed!

Zero Biking Experience

If you are a car driver with a full UK licence, but no biking experience, you are legally allowed to ride a bike of up to 125cc; the powerful superbike is a couple of years into the future and starting with a small machine allows you to slowly acquire the skills you will need to ride a 200hp superbike. Eventually, after a couple of theory and practical tests, you will have that covered Class A licence and you can climb aboard a 1000cc sports bike, which is an amazing experience.

Protective Gear

This is not optional and it does not matter how good of a rider you are, everyone should be wearing leather garments, and with the top jackets, trousers, gloves and motorcycle helmets at Wheels, you are ready for the open road. Today’s biker gear is stylish and comfortable and look at it as a one-time investment to protect you in the event of a tumble.

Street Legal

In this day and age, you must be fully legal when riding on UK roads and that means:

  • Obtaining a valid UK driving licence.
  • Obtaining vehicle insurance
  • Paying road tax

If your bike is older than 3 years, it must pass an annual MOT inspection for roadworthiness; your local motorcycle dealership can arrange this.

Speed Traps

If you think you can race around the roads at top speed, think again! There are hi-tech speed traps deployed everywhere and you’ll receive a summons in the post, along with an image of you and your bike, with the speed indicated. There are certain stretches of the road where you can blip the throttle a little, but in all honesty, the speed limits are set for a reason and being on two wheels raises the danger level. Click here for how to get the most out of your vacation.

The Highway Code

Even if you are a seasoned car driver, you should review the Highway Code before setting off on a bike and we also recommend booking a short motorcycle riding course (Google will help you find a nearby school), which will equip you with some basic skills. 

The half-day course would include:

  • Safe braking techniques – Use of combined front and rear brakes.
  • Riding position – Centre of gravity.
  • Balance – The ability to stay up at very low speed.
  • Use of gears – Using gears to slow down.
  • Leaning techniques – How to negotiate bends and curves.
  • Clutch control

There would be optional courses for off-road and track riding for experienced riders, which might interest you when you upgrade to that 750cc power bike.

Great Riding Regions

While the UK might be a relatively small island, there are some great regions for bike riders to explore and we do have some of the best roads in the world. You could travel from London to Scotland in a day on a big bike, while those long weekends are ideal for touring; exploring your home country is a lot of fun and there are campsites everywhere. Camping makes for a very cheap holiday, which many young people have discovered to their delight. Check out this tourism link, which outlines some of the nice areas of the UK.

If you have a comfortable life, leave the car in the garage in the summer and take to two wheels for a new dimension of travel and explore the many beautiful parts of the UK that are waiting to be discovered. Start by looking at bikes and by the time next spring arrives, you will be ready to take to two wheels and enjoy a great summer full of riding adventures.

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Last modified: October 26, 2021

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