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SoundCloud, started in 2007 by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss, has grown to be one of the most extensive music streaming services. An innovative approach in the music industry, founded by a Swedish, Soundcloud is an online audio distribution and music sharing platform based in Berlin, Germany. It enables its users to share, upload, promote audio so that listeners can stream in and listen to it. Available for desktop and mobile devices, SoundCloud offers free and paid membership on the platform to come and upload their music.  

With so many changes and improvements in their services, in October 2018, SoundCloud announced a new “On SoundCloud” program, which would only allow “premier” partners to monetize their content through channel sponsorships, pre-roll audio advertisements, mobile display ads, and native content. SoundCloud has another feature by the name ‘SoundCloud Go’. It is available in the territories that give you more out of your listening experience. When you upgrade to SoundCloud Go, you get access to the full catalogue on SoundCloud, with an option of offline listening. 

The company announced deals with several entertainment and music content partners like multi-channel network on YouTube, independent labels. While the Premier program created new possibilities and ways to make money for musicians, it has come up with significant limitations to cater. SoundCloud is an open platform for both music listeners and music creators. Anyone can listen for free, and anyone can still upload tracks, as long as they own all the rights. Listeners can listen to millions of tracks they can’t find anywhere else.   

  If you are aware of music-making software and know-how to monetize your music, you must also be aware of certain limitations that might come in the road of making money out of your publication. Let us take you through some of the limitations of SoundCloud monetization:   

  1. Only qualified artists are eligible to publish their content for monetization:   

You can qualify the bar when you are a SoundCloud Pro or Pro Unlimited subscriber. Your tracks need to be 100% original and have at least 500 plays in the past month from countries where SoundCloud allows subscriptions and advertisement.   

Even if your tracks get listened to millions of times every month, you don’t qualify for making money with your music if your listeners come from countries that are not on the list.  

  1. You earn with SoundCloud’s revenue: 

SoundCloud Premier payment system is based on the amount SoundCloud make with the paid subscription, and advertisements will proportionate to yours. This signifies that if their income decreases, yours will fall too, and vice versa.   

  1. You are eligible to get only 55% in the revenue share:   

For example, if your music makes $1000, SoundCloud will keep 45%, and you’ll receive the rest, which is $550.  

While new musicians make money from SoundCloud Premier may not be worth the hassle, the company is already in profits.  

In nutshell, as an artist, you need to keep in essential facts related to Monetization on SoundCloud:   

  • Listeners also hear ads while playing your music on mobile    
  • No copyright issues preventing you to upload   
  • Pre-clearance ensures your publishing is properly setup.    
  • It is only available in current territories and not beyond  
  • Service might clash with YouTube but with different processes.   
  • Monetize your profile only when you include Soundcloud Go   
  • You only make money when SoundCloud makes it.    

GrooveNexus has listed down some of the music promotion packages that might be helpful for you. SoundCloud monetization depends on how much traction your song and its associated profiles are getting. To promote it heavily to masses, you need to strengthen your profile to bring attention and maximize traction.  


How to better monetize SoundCloud  

Not only SoundCloud Premier program, but there are also better and more profitable ways to monetize your music. One of them is selling music on SoundCloud. You can take your fans to online stores, from where they can purchase the tracks for further music-making and enhance their portfolio. 

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