Some of the latest feature that you can see in Samsung phones

A South Korean multinational conglomerate, Samsung, is one of the world’s most-renowned Android phone manufacturers. The company maintained a 20% share in India’s smartphone market as of July 2020. 

Samsung new phones have been developed with certain features that set them a league apart from its competitors. These features ensure a smooth user experience available at affordable prices. 

What are some of the unique Samsung new phone features? 

Several reasons encourage individuals to invest in Samsung phones over other models. Some of the unique features that this company brings to the table include –  

One-handed mode 

The sleek design of smartphones may increase their market demand, but individuals still have to use two hands to operate them. Samsung, keeping this concern in mind, strived to make their device more user-friendly by introducing its one-handed mode.

Use simple gestures and shrink your screen to the bottom corner. That way, reaching applications at the top corner of your screen becomes easy with one hand. 

Extra gestures 

Samsung new phones also come with a wider selection of gesture operated commands compared to most stock phones. Other than the generic tapping screen to wake it up and double-tap the home button for the camera, you also get to use gestures.

This includes features like using a selfie camera to detect when you are staring at your phone and allowing the phone to turn off when you are looking away. To use this feature, check out Settings and click on advanced features, then Motions and Gestures. 

Dark mode for night time 

To avoid straining your eyes, you can also opt for the dark mode feature of Samsung new phones. Switch to this feature by heading to settings and clicking on the night mode option under the display option. While many stock Android phones let you schedule blue-light filtering, Samsung guards your eyes with this advanced feature that automatically switches on after sunset. 

Set unique vibration patter for each contact 

Most stock Android phones come with a set of custom setting ringtones for each contact. However, Samsung new phones have come forward with a new feature of setting a vibration pattern for each contact.

This allows the user to understand who is calling as per the vibration pattern. You can do this by opening the contact’s card and tapping on edit, then view more. 

Customising for quick settings 

Stock Android phones come with various tools in the quick settings section that users can access by pulling the notification drawer. However, Samsung takes it to a higher level by adding tools like QR code scanner, toggle, a shortcut to exclusive features, and more in this section. You can add third-party tiles here as well. 

What is even more attractive is the fact that these stunning features are available on budget Samsung mobiles under 15000. Consumers can offset still offset this price tag of Samsung new phones by using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. Using this card, customers can switch the total amount payable into No Cost EMI, which is payable in tenor of up to 2 years. 

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Therefore, buyers willing to make a purchase can go for Samsung new phones as it offers a more varied set of advanced features. It makes the user experience smoother and streamlined.

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