Solar or Wind? Choosing the Right Residential Power Made Easy

Green, renewable energy has been the topic of much discussion lately, and it’s easy to see why. Fossil fuel resources are stretched thin and costs are rising as a result.

Two of the most common sources of renewable energy are solar and wind power. But how do you decide which is the right choice for your home installation?

Luckily, we’ve put together a handy guide that discusses solar power vs wind power. If you’re looking to make the switch to green energy alternatives, read on for more information! 

Solar Power Pros and Cons

Solar energy is one of the fastest-growing market segments today. With massive investments in technological improvements, manufacturing efficiency, and government subsidies for installation, it is proving to be a popular choice.

Solar energy costs have decreased rapidly in the past decade, making it an appealing alternative for homeowners who wish to get off the grid, so to speak.

There are multiple options available for homeowners as well. Solar roof panels remain the most common choice, but solar roof shingles/tiles and backyard ground panel installations are also increasing in popularity. 

There are a few obvious downsides to solar energy, however. If you live in an area that is often cloudy, or your home does not face in a good direction to receive adequate sunlight, solar might not be a cost-effective option.

Solar is also expensive upfront, but as mentioned earlier, government tax credits and rebates can help bring these costs down. Check out these solar websites to learn more about solar power. 

Wind Power Pros and Cons

Wind power has proved itself to be a massive force in green energy. In areas that receive constant wind such as the Midwest, wind turbines have become a popular choice for generating extra electricity and reducing fossil fuel use.

Wind power currently has two major advantages over solar power. The first is that wind power can be generated around the clock, whereas solar is limited by daylight only.

Wind turbines are also more efficient than solar panels, converting over 60% of the wind energy to electricity. 

However, not all areas receive enough wind to generate enough power to justify the cost of installing turbines.

Turbines also take up a lot of space, and many people find them unsightly or even dangerous. They are also much more expensive to maintain and install. 

Solar Power Vs Wind Power

Ultimately, the choice is up to you as a consumer with solar power vs wind power. Solar and wind power are both good choices, but not in every circumstance.

However, the falling costs of solar energy and the fact that it can be more widely used across the United States make it a generally more attractive option. 

Wind power is attractive if you live in an area that receives constant wind, and you have the property space to install a turbine. 

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