If you’re someone who is always tempted to do DIY plumbing fixes, this blog is for you. Although handling some plumbing repairs is an easy task for many, sometimes these can result in mistakes. Not all plumbing fixes are easy to do, some are difficult to attempt on your own. It’s best to rely on a professional plumber Sacramento for your plumbing repair needs to avoid mistakes that can turn to costly. Also, it’s common to make these mistakes if you are a DIYer. 

You need to know about these mistakes so that you can avoid making them and save you from a plumbing disaster.

Here are the simple mistakes homeowners do while attempting plumbing repairs by yourself:

Overtightening the plumbing fixtures 

The most common mistake done by most DIYers is over tightening of fittings, tubes, and pipes. Overtightening can make the parts more prone to break. Not only this, it can also lead to cracked pipes, leaks and other plumbing issues. Over Tightening of toilet’s fittings can crack and destroy the parts of toilet. So, when tightening the component, refrain from applying excessive force. Even when removing some parts, do it by applying normal force. 

Using liquid drain cleaners 

When homeowners encounter clogs, they often reach for liquid drain cleaners to clear the clog. Though some clogs can get cleared with liquid drain cleaners, others are tough to get removed. On top of it, people should always choose a snake or plunger to clear the clogs before they use a market liquid drain cleaner. Because these drain cleaners are not a good choice when it comes to removing clogs. They can cause more problems than before. If the liquid drain cleaner fails to clear the clog, it will reach the trap arm and will get collected there. Now, it needs to be removed from there by you or an experienced plumbing and appliance repair sacramento professional.  These liquid cleaners can also eat away your pipes. 

Not shutting off the water supply 

Another most common mistake that people make is not shutting off the water supply. Whether it’s a small plumbing fix or a big one, you should never fail to turn off the main water supply.  Some even realize to shut it off when they are removing the parts of plumbing. This can cause flooding to your home. Thus, always shut off the water supply to prevent water damage and save water. 

You don’t have all the tools or parts to handle Plumbing Job 

Attempting plumbing with inadequate plumbing parts will turn your hard work into nothing. So, when you are working as a plumbing DIYer, please make a point to have all the parts you will need in your plumbing repair job. It’s important to replace the faulty parts with new ones. Otherwise, it will lead to leaks and other issues. Another common mistake made by people is having inadequate plumbing tools. In the event of a successful and effective plumbing repair, you must have all the plumbing tools by hand. If you don’t have one, call a professional plumbing and  air conditioning repair Sacramento service for getting the job done correctly and effectively.

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