Shower base- Choosing material and manufacturer

Now in the bathroom supply store, you can find a large selection of various models of shower bases for the shower. Such products are in great demand among customers for a reason. Why? Firstly, buying a shower base and subsequent self-assembly of the cabin is much more budget than purchasing a ready-made hydro box. Secondly, this configuration option requires a minimum investment of time and effort. What is also essential, not every shower cabin will be able to fit in the conditions of a particular bathroom by dimensions. Finally, it should be noted that the variety of models of shower cabins and hydro boxes cannot always satisfy all the client’s wishes. And the individual selection of each element of the “heart” of the bathroom will take into account any whims of the customer: from shape and depth to material and texture. 

Choosing a shower base – all the features

The New Bathroom Style bathroom showroom near me will help you choose the best option. Of course, the shape of the shower base is worth picking, taking into account the dimensional parameters of the bathroom. Even the most unusual and beautiful model will turn out to be very impractical if installed, for example, in a small room. In this case, you should think about purchasing a pallet of various options for angular shapes. For instance, the DreamLine has a pentagonal shape with an irregular anti-slip pattern. Another design option is the Fleurco shower base. Such a model fits perfectly into the corner of the room but has a radial shape. This not only visually but also physically increases the usable area of the bathroom. The New Bathroom Style bathroom showroom offers models that can be an exclusive option with a pentagonal diamond shape with a corresponding pattern.

Each of the models presented in the showroom has a standard drain hole of 1.25 inches. The height of the outer board is in two versions: 1 inch if the pallet will be installed on the floor, or standard 2 inches. Shower bases with such a side height are very convenient and familiar in the collections of American stores. Thanks to the shallow depth base, the design of the shower stall looks very neat.

Please note that pallets can be installed both with installation deep into the floor and on particular legs.

Shower base: which material to choose

In the production of shower bases, a wide variety of materials are used today. Perhaps one of the most popular today is artificial marble. Such a composite material is very resistant to mechanical damage, like natural marble. But on the other hand, it is much more affordable in terms of price policy. The peculiarities of artificial stone production make it possible to “pour out” products of practically various shapes and sizes from this material: the number of interior solutions can be almost limitless.

The reconstituted marble shower bases, which can be found in the collection of the online store “New Bathroom Style,” have an exciting and varied anti-slip surface pattern. Even in such trifles, the manufacturer allows the client to show their individuality and originality.

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