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If you have a social media account and love to consume entertainment on platforms like youtube then you must have confronted the name “Sheena Melwani”. Read this article about Sheena Melwani Husband.

Sheena Melwani is a famous Youtuber and social media influencer that has gained popularity worldwide. According to Sheena melwani Instagram account, She is a musician, songwriter, as well as a successful entrepreneur.  She is married to an Indo-Canadian man. To know more about “who is Sheena melwani’s husband?”, stick with us. 

In this article, we will provide you complete information about the Sheena Melwani family, her husband, Sheena melwani dad, Sheena melwani age, etc. 

Before moving ahead let’s check some quick Wikipedia facts about Sheena Melwani 

Sheena melwani wikipedia facts

Name – Sheena melwani

Sheena melwani Age – 37 years

Date of birth –  1 September 1983

Profession – singer, musician, entrepreneur, songwriter, social media influencer, YouTuber

Presently living – Boston, USA

Educational qualification – graduate

Height – 5ft 6 inches

Net worth – $ 3-4 million dollar

Hair color – Black

Eye color – Black

Zodiac – Virgo 

Citizenship – Canadian, American.

When we talk about Sheena melwani husband she recently opened up about her personal life on public platforms. Here are some of the exclusive information about her.

What is Sheena melwani age ?

With authentic and reliable resources we found out the real information about sheena melwani age. She was born on 1st september 1983, therefore the age of sheena melwani is 37 years. Instead at the age of 37 years she looks young and beautiful and has a successful social media influencer at this age. 

That is why we can also say that sheena melwani age is just a number. She defies time and age with her energetic personality as well as talent. 

Who is Sheena melwani husband?

From our exclusive research and insights we have brought you all information about Shena melwani’s husband.

According to an article by South China post therealindiandad is the husband of Sheena melwani. Though the identity of her husband she never revealed, this time with the South China post she admitted the fact and disclosed her husband’s name. There is also a fact that fans are looking for the face of her husband as sheena melwani husband face is hidden with a facemoji in her social media account of instagram. 

The name of Sheena Melwani husband is Dinesh Melwani. Dinesh Melwani is a transactional lawyer by profession and looks into the business transactions for companies or businesses. Sheena and Dniesh are happily married  and they happily live together.

But there is a suspicion about Sheena melwani husband face that is not revealed. 

What is Dinesh Melwani’s profession?

By profession Dinesh Melwani is a transactional lawyer in the USA. In other words a transactional lawyer is a business lawyer who deals with different types of legal transactions. For example the work consists of mergers, sales and transactions in businesses.

Therefore he lives in America and deals with a number of national and international clients. Dinesh Melwani is also a professional investment manager of sports celebrities. He suggest them in making their brand value for maximizing advertisement charges, etc

Therefore he has full fledged knowledge about finance, legalities and brand management of imminent personalities. 

Sheena melwani dad

Don’t get confused with the Realindiandad with Sheena Mwlwani dad. As there are instances that a lot of people have raised questions about her family.

RealIndiandad is the husband while the name of Sheena melwani dad is not Sheena melwani. 

Therefore whenever you come across with the keyword realindiandad, never get confused with the real sheena melwani dad. The instagram handle of sheena melwani’s huband has the name is RealIndiandad while name of her dad is different. 

While the sheena melwani husband face is hidden on her social media account or instagram account . while the face of sheena melwani dad is not hidden and they can be seen together in public platforms multiple times. 

Sheena melwani husband or dad 

If you think realindiandad is not the real husband, then you are absolutely wrong, realindiandad is the only husband of sheena Melwani. 

People have asked innumerable questions regarding Sheena melwani husband or dad in a picture. Therefore we have to know that sheena melwani husband or dad are two different people and they cannot be used or coupled together for a single person.

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