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Sharon Fonseca, model is the wife of Italian millionaire Gianluca Vacchi. Sharon Fonseca age is 26 years while Gianluca Vacchi age is 53 years. There is a striking 27 years gap between the couple, Sharon Fonseca Husband, age and Gianluca vacchi age. 

Stay with us to know more about Sharon Fonseca and have the detailed insights of her life. We will clear the cloud regarding her life and try to answer questions that are most searched about the model. 

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Sharon Fonseca wikipedia :-

Name – Sharon Fonseca

Real Name – Sharon Fonseca edad

Husband – Gianluca Vacchi

Born – venezuela

profession – model , actor

Nationality – Data not available

Zodiac sign – not known 

Sharon Fonseca instagram – 

Sharon fonseca twitter – 

Sharon Fonseca Tik Tok – 

Who is Sharon Fonseca ?

Sharon Fonseca is a popular model and wife of the most popular Italian multi-millionaire social media personality, Gianluca Vacchi. According to Sharon Fonseca wikipedia she is currently married to the rich businessman Gianluca vacchi, who is now a full time social media celebrity and Dj.

Real name and Sharon Fonseca age? or, How old is Sharon Fonseca?

The real name of the model is Sharon Fonseca edad. According to Sharon Fonseca wikipedia, she was born in venezuela. From those  details we can confirm that Sharon Fonseca age is just 26 years. She also had a baby with her recent marriage from Gianluca Vacchi.

Gianluca Vacchi age and the difference between Gianluca vacchi wife age ?

Surprisingly there is quite an age difference between businessman turned social media celebrity and Gianluca Vacchi age. According to the Gianluca Vecchi Wikipedia English there is a striking 27 years age difference between the couple. Gianluca wife age is 26 years while Gianluca Vacchi age is 53 years. 

According to his wife Sharon, “Gianluca Vacchi is like an open book and I learn a lot of things from him in everyday life. He is so energetic and refreshing spirit ”

What is Gianluca Vecchi height and height of his wife ?

Sharon Fonseca height is 5ft 7 inches, while Gianluca Vacchi height is 5.67 ft. with  Gianluca Vacchi height, which is more than average and in the photo shoot the couple complement each other. The fans love the physical appearance on the social media posts together and get a ton of accolades from fans around the world. 

Sharon Fonseca and gianluca vacchi marriage 

According to Sharon Fonseca wikipedia , she met Gianluc Vacchi on the set of a music video. On the sets of the music video , Gianluca was awestruck looking at the young model. He was so fond of her that they talked with each other on the very first day. Gianluca says that he thought she would be caught in his net on the very  first meeting, but she is one of the wild breeds of lady. He admits that Sharon has suffered him a lot till they officially become his girlfriend. Gianluca admitted that he will marry Sharon after the birth of the baby from her. According to Gianluca, “how old is Sharon Fonseca”  doesn’t matter to him when people talk about their age difference . The couple have announced that the much hyped Gianluca Vacchi marriage will be official after their daughter is born. Since the couple now have a baby girl recently, fans are expecting the news of Gianluca Vacchi marriage will be announced soon. 

Sharon Fonseca net worth and Gianluca vacchi net worth

Sharon Fonseca net worth is $5 million dollars while Gianluca Vacchi net worth is $200 million dollars. Since Gianluca is one of the richest men of Italy having gargantuan wealth comes from. 

Life of Sharon Fonseca and Gianluca 

Sharon and Gianluca live together and lead a happy life together. The couple prominently lives in her lavish home in Italy. They own a grandeur mansion in bologna Italy. The property is spread in 35 acres of land and it has 3 swimming pools in that big lavish mansion of Italy. Since the couple has to travel frequently in America and Gianluca wants her baby to be born in Miami, he bought a $10.9 million dollars penthouse in Miami. 

Sharon Fonseca husband, the billionaire with a swag 

Sharon Fonseca is undeniably very popular over instagram. The total number of followers on the instagram account of Gianluca Vacchi is 20.2 million. Initially her husband was a full time businessman but later he swapped his life and started to enjoy his life freely. He is now a social media star at the age of 53 years and infamous for his white beard. Gianluca posts regularly over his social media accounts posting his crazy 6 packs pictures, travelling on lavish yots, tattooed body with stylish grey beard. It’s next to impossible to calculate his age by looking at his physical features except his beard. He has the energy of a 15 year old young boy. The important factors about Gianluca Vacchi height and age are just a number for him and he enjoys his free life like no other, rocking at 53 years.

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