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Does Male Supplements Work?

What kind of spam mail do you usually receive? The most common answer would be email advertisements and offers from businesses that market male enhancement products. They sent millions of emails daily offering pills, cream, and even devices and gadgets designed to boost and prolong sexual stamina and to make the penis size larger and longer. 

It is kind of ironic because according to studies, 80% of women are content on their partner’s penis. It’s all about men’s pride and insecurities, most men won’t settle for a small one, right? And women, well, if you let them choose between a small or big penis, you’ll probably know the answer. No pun intended, but I think you would agree.

Sexual Arousal and performance decline as men grow old, which is quite normal and accepted by society but a sudden change or decline of your sex drive or erectile dysfunction could mean an early symptom of heart disease.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Fatty buildup in your arteries makes it hard for your blood vessels to reach your penis is the major cause of erectile dysfunction. This medical condition is called atherosclerosis. If you are suffering from it, taking over-the-counter male supplements and even prescription medication like Viagra is not enough. 

You must take precautions and be mindful of your cholesterol level and weight. You also have to stop smoking if you’re a smoker and stop drinking alcohol. Both vices or activities contributory factors to erectile dysfunction.

Male Supplements are being peddled everywhere nowadays, you can see ads all over the internet. They scattered it on social media sites, health sites, home shopping sites, adult websites, and other related sites. 

Men will easily spend $50-$100 on the internet to buy a pill, cream, or gel rather than seek the advice of a doctor. Even though what they are buying is a worthless placebo.

Everything that caters to the male libido is a thriving industry worth hundreds of millions. More and more businesses are trying to cash in on the trend. That is the reason it is dangerous. Some products being sold are untested, while some have no or just a minor effect at all. 

There are also a lot of fakes on the market, copying popular brands like VigRX and Viagra. Buying and ingesting a fake pill/supplement can lead to health dangers. That is why you should always be updated on the latest trends about male supplements and enhancements. 

A common claim of male enhancement supplements is that they can help rekindle your lost passion and will promote and boost your sexual libido. Some of these non-prescription male supplements can be safe and effective, but some can be dangerous to your health. That is why it is important to be updated with the latest news and reviews on this subject. SexHealthAuthority website shares the latest news and the most relevant information on men’s supplements. is the undisputed online authority on sex education and men’s sexual health. A site that most men enjoy and trust.

For more comprehensive topics and information about male enhancements, male supplements, and men’s sexual health in general, here is the link to their site,

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Last modified: April 12, 2021

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