Seven Effective Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic

Communicate with a business owner or a marketer, and ask them what one thing that they love the most is. In most cases, the answer will be more customers. Now, what do you think comes along with more customers?

More traffic on the website. There is an array of things that you can do to heighten the traffic coming to your website.

In this post here, we will discuss some practical ways that indeed work. Let us address them one by one. 

Publish guest posts

‘Guest blogging is a content strategy wherein you write content for other blogs. As a return favour, they will allow you to link back to your website,’ states Ruby, a content manager for TBF, a platform where you can find reviews for fishing products, such as the best ultralight fishing rods. 

The key benefits of guest posting include: 

  1. More referral traffic
  2. Better brand awareness
  3. Higher backlinks (which result in higher rankings)

The critical problem that you may experience with guest blogging is finding the blogs that are interested in publishing your posts. To overcome this issue, you can use the Google Search Operators to look for the websites that have the “become a contributor” or “write for us” pages.

Another problem here is this process can be time-consuming and quite tedious. If anyone in the industry follows the same process, everyone will get the same opportunities. Consequently, the editors of the website will receive higher pitches than they can handle. This may result in some of your requests being turned down. 

How to overcome the problem? Do not curtail yourself to a “write for us” page. Remember the general rule of thumb – Most websites are willing to publish your content, even if they do not publicize it. What benefit does it bring to them? They get content for their website, and that, too, for free.

More so, if you find a website that has written about a particular theme, then if you produce content on a similar theme, they will be interested in publishing your content. The best way to do this is via Content explorer. 

Repurpose Content

Guest posts are supposed to have a long shelf-life. If you publish a data-backed guest post, it can be repurposed later into: 

  1. Syndicated content for guest posting
  2. Downloadable PDFs, graphics, and charts
  3. The audio version shared on third-party platforms 
  4. A series of social media post
  5. Email marketing sequence
  6. Narrated or screencast video

Conduct an on-page SEO

‘There are a bunch of tactics that you can conduct on every website page to heighten the rank in the search engine and get more visitors. It comprises yielding top-quality content, which your audience is already searching for, and backing it with concise Meta descriptions for the pages.’ States Janice, an SEO expert with RazorHood, a platform where you can find the best edge up clippers. You can see the meta description right below the URL in the search results. If you know what a page is all about and what will nudge the visitor to click, you will have more users clicking it. Though it takes time, it is effective and free.   

Write some catchy and irresistible headlines.

Headlines are indeed one of the most vital parts of any content. If your blog is very well-written but has a dated headline, it might go unread. Thus, it is quintessential for you to master the skill of producing catchy headlines. 

Publish long-form content

June, an SEO and content manager for MyPlumbersChoice, a platform where you can find reviews, such as best Toto toilets, says, ‘There is no right or wrong length for the content. The ideal word count will be one that wholly covers the topic.’ 

We agree with what June just stated. To add to it, we would like to add that there is proper research conducted on this subject, and studies state that, over the shorter content, it is the long-form content that works better. So, why should you write long-form content?

There are four reasons for it: 

  1. Long-form content ranks better than shorter content. 
  2. If the content is long, it gets higher social shares. 
  3. The long-form content is considered more relevant. 
  4. It helps convert readers into customers.

Submit the site on the search engine

This is another technique that works well for your SEO. You can reach out to a search engine to index and crawl your website and increase the odds of appearing on the search results for more relevant queries. You can submit your website to Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  


Though mentioned at the end, this is indeed one of the most obvious things to market your website. ‘Advertising includes paid searches, display ads, and social media advertising, all of which are phenomenal ways to attract new visitors,’ comments Hannah, an online reviewer with EmbraceGardening, a website for gardening tips and reviews, such as the best fertilizers for citrus trees. 

Further, advertising can also help you build your brand and get your website to the forefront. Before you indulge in paid ads, remember that every platform has its pros and cons.

So, weigh in both of them, and then make a wise decision. The paid strategies that work for you may not be the same as others in the business as they mainly depend on your individual goals.

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