Setting Up Shop: How to Find Office Space for Rent

Running a business requires a lot of time, dedication, and capital. While there are thousands of tiny details you have to decide on, one you can’t ignore is finding the best office space for rent.

The right office space is going to help ensure productivity and business success. Some tips to help you find the right office space for your business can be found below.

Remember “Perfect” Doesn’t Exist

Unless you plan to hire a recent graduate from Kaestle Boos Associates to design a custom office for your building, you will never find the “perfect” office space.

Instead of passing on suitable locations, be practical. If you focus on everything being perfect, you will never find something that meets your expectations.

If you try to get too fancy too soon, you will likely waste your capital when you could be using it for more important aspects of your business.

Find an Office Where Your Customers Are

Some people skip this consideration because they aren’t in the retail field. However, if you work in real estate, for example, you want to be close to mortgage brokers, brokers, property managers, and lenders in the area.

By doing this, you have the best chance of being found by people who are looking for the services you offer. Take some time to find out who your customer is and where they spend time. Once you know, look for office space here.

Start with Something Small

To help keep costs low, especially in your business’s early days, starting small is best. This may mean you have to share your desk or work in an oversized closet.

Don’t spend too much of your capital on expensive executive office furniture. Be sure you are earning revenue before you make this type of investment. Remember, this is for you and won’t benefit your business growth in any way.

In some cases, opting for a shared office may be best. With this, you have more affordable rates, and you don’t have to sign any type of extended lease. You can also expand as needed or downsize if your sales aren’t adding up.

Determine What Your Top Priorities for the Office Space Are

In most cases, you cannot have it all. Because of this, you must figure out what is most important to your business.

Most people want something that is located in a convenient location. Also, consider the other amenities and conveniences nearby, such as free parking, bike storage, restaurants, and more. Some factors are considered must-haves, such as building security, internet, and more.

Consider After-Hours Access

It may be beneficial to find an office space that can be used for your business and that can be used after normal business hours.

Along with around-the-clock access, consider if the location has space for hosting educational workshops or networking events. One option is to find an office where you can move the tables or desks to accommodate different needs.

Consider More Than the Rent

The rent is important, but not the only factor to consider. You should also look at other factors.

For example, is there flexibility with the lease? If your business grows, can you move to a bigger space in the building or sublease so you can relocate?

Be sure to consider maintenance and repairs, too. These are costs that may outweigh the rent if a problem occurs. Not all landlords will handle repairs, which means it is up to you. This can eat up a lot of your capital, so knowing the details ahead of time is a must.

Parking Needs and Considerations

Be sure that you think about and ask the building owner or manager how many parking spaces are included with the office space you rent. Sometimes, you get a set number of spaces per thousand square feet you rent.

You should also think about the parking needs of your staff and clients. Is what is provided enough? Can you get more parking?

Take some time to think about this to ensure your office rental can accommodate your business’s needs.

Consider the Office Layout

As you look at different office rentals for your business, you need to think about how the space is designed and laid out. For example, sometimes, a smaller space with a better layout is more beneficial than having more square footage.

Other factors to consider include natural light and outdoor access. This is going to make the working environment much more enjoyable.

Don’t Settle

If you are in a hurry to get your business established somewhere, you may settle for a space that seems like it will work. Try not to do this.

If necessary, hire a professional broker to help you find the right space for your business. Having someone who knows the area and the market will help you find the right location for your new office.

Now You Know How to Find the Right Office Space for Rent

When you are ready to start your search for office space for rent, there are several things you must consider. Use the tips and information here to guide your search and help you find a location that works for you now and that can work for you in the future.

Remember, there is no such thing as the “perfect” office space unless you have it designed and built from scratch.

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