Self Powered 4K Portable Monitor

To match the customer requirements and advancement of technology the has come up with a self-powered 4K portable Monitor which will work as a regular monitor we have used in past but the best part here is it is portable. Though nowadays we have many gadgets like laptops, mobile phones, tablets and many more there are situations which demand monitor to be more productive so here comes with Self Powered 4K Portable Monitor. (

Points To Focus: 

4K Ultra HD 


Ultra Lightweight 

Plug and Play 

Premium Ports 

Fully customizable

True LED Backlight 

2X Brighter 

Universal Compatible 

Ultimate Gaming Experience 

Quick Response time 

Great Sound quality 

Eye-care optimized 

In-Built Battery 

Multiple Display 

This monitor will allow you to do your work without getting worried about power backup or immediate power cut-down because it is a self-powered monitor which you can unplug and take along with you. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery with 4 hours of battery life. This 4K portable monitor has a strong built which gives your monitor long life and an ultralight touchscreen that allows you to operate effortlessly. 

The 4K ultra HD resolution will completely change your viewing experience and fills your life with brilliant color and clarity. The ultralight just 1.3 lbs portable monitor comes with its plug and play system which is easy to install every time you use it. 

The self-powered 4K portable monitor is 2X brighter as compare to other portable monitors. Also, it comes with universal compatibility which supports all the devices, cables, and as well as OS which gives your device versatility feature. 

If you are a video game lover then here you have lag-free 4K gaming on any console or device so now enjoy the virtual world in reality and win the battleground. This self-powered 4K portable monitor comes with a 10ms response time so just click and with the blink of an eye, the result will be an infant of you. 

You can do anything from your office work, meetings, presentations, entertainment, etc with this portable monitor so the sound quality here plays an important role, this portable monitor comes with hi-fi stereo speakers which give crystal clear audio which is reachable to everyone in the room. 

Most of us do work on the computer or laptop which is affecting our eyesight but here Lumonitor has taken care of it and designed this portable monitor with anti-glare, anti-blue light, and flicker-free filtering so no need to burden your eyes with heavy glasses or specs. 

This portable monitor is designed to surely boost your productivity and allow you to work efficiently as it is loaded with universal functions. You can easily work at night with this portable monitor as it is loaded with an LED backlight with a 100% sRGB collar range. 

You can connect this portable monitor to multiple displays without any hassle for increasing the multitasking as it gives you confident control while using it. You can easily connect your phone with this portable monitor and enjoy your tiny phone screen on this ultra-clear zero image distortion monitor’s screen. This monitor can also charge your devices with the help of its premium ports which include HDMI, 2X USB-C, Micro USB, and 3.5 mm AUX.

From internal built to functionality to the exterior look, this self Powered 4K Portable Monitor will give you the ultimate experience without compromising with your comfort. Know more about this device then click on the link. (

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