Secrete tips & tricks of Huawei p40

Welcome to another blog post of huawei, this Tips & Tricks guide will give you a run through some of the very best features hidden away on huawei p40 smartphone from snazzy air gestures to very cool new camera tricks and from all the latest greatest tech.

Phone clone app

It’s one of the very first things you want to do on your fresh new huawei p 40 series is to get your apps on  which is easier said than done because there’s no Google Play Store. you can use one way very helpful phone clone app to copy over most of your old apps from your previous handset first of you’ll need to download the form clone app onto your old handset you can do this fiber-like so always app gallery or the Google Play Store and once that’s downloaded onto your old smartphone.

It’s a very easy process so just select your old phone as the old phone a new phone as the new phone like what type of phone your old handset is and then you’ll see on the new phone you’ve got a QR code pop up just scan that using the old smartphone and the two will pair up you have the option of copying over your contacts messages all kinds of shenanigans and you’ll see down at the very bottom apps and data this is where you can select exactly which apps get copied over from your old phone to your new one. In this way, you can find that most of your old apps once copied off onto your fresh new huawei p40 handset should work fine and that includes a handful of the google efforts as well so for instance the Google Chrome web browser works fine on the p40 of home that Maps works fine too.

Huawei Celia assistant

For the new huawei smartphones like huawei p40, the Google assistant has been made redundant it’s been told the sling attack me and has been replaced by Huawei Celia assistant instead you can jump into the assistants at any time by going to the b40 settings menu gone to accessibility features and then it’s the high voice option up top you got the option to wake it up with a quick hey Celia bird um I didn’t say bottom I said but dump or alternatively if you’re a bit more shy and you can wake up Celia with just a quick tap of that power button instead bear in mind all that at the time of the war we’re huawei p40 series launched only three languages are supported English, French and Spanish and that’s only in a handful of regions as well all right now Celia can perform all of the standard assistant e shenanigans such as telling you what your upcoming schedule is virtually there is a bit of a delay between you asking the question and the response on yes because it is still a very early access sort of thing.

Refresh rate

The huawei p40 pro bought a 90 Hertz display for super smooth shenanigans, unfortunately, don’t get a variable refresh rate so it can’t change up to 90 Hertz when needed what you’ll need to do is dive into the display settings and then towards the bottom now you’ll see screen refresh rate this allows you to choose between the standard refresh rate of 60 Hertz all that high 90 Hertz refresh rate I recommend stick it on 90 because it is a super smooth very enjoyable experience and it doesn’t seem to suck the battery life that much quicker unfortunately here on the standard while huawei p40 there is no screen refresh rate option because it doesn’t support 90 Hertz.

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Last modified: September 17, 2021

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