Save Laundry Services with Futuristic Technology

In recent years, commercial and residential places have become dependent on laundry services. Outsourcing laundry tasks, whether at home or in business, has become helpful. It allows busy people to focus more on essential tasks and relax from a hectic schedule. Thus, with the modern and constant need for laundry services, laundry service operations have increased.

The increase of laundry service operations has several challenges to overcome. It starts from finding ways to reduce costs, providing top-notch laundry services, and meeting environmental regulations.

At this point, laundry services are expected to have improved technological solutions to overcome these challenges. Now, what solutions will be the most appealing for laundry services?

Smart Commercial Laundry Washers

The commercial laundry service industry has introduced a software-driven management system. Modern washers have improved efficiency and rely on effective cutting-edge polymer beads. Laundry washers with the latest technology only use a small amount of water and special detergent enough to make the load soapy and effective to remove stains and dirt from the laundry.

More so, the cutting-edge polymer beads are recyclable. Thus, it encourages laundry service owners to go to zero waste. With these innovations, laundry services are expected to reduce 80% in water use, 50% in energy consumption, and 50% in detergent use.

Smart commercial laundry washers have optimized almost every essential factor to help laundry services lessen their impact on the environment. Moreover, it has made it easier for the staff and safer for the clothes as these smart washers tot information of the garment.

It read tags and launder the garments as required. Thus, it minimizes the inefficiency and potential damage of the clothes when at the laundry.

Greywater Recycling Tanks

Greywater recycling tank is one of the futuristic technology with eco-friendly intentions. It is beneficial for water-based laundry operations. The tank stores the water from the laundry machine’s rinse cycle and uses it as wash water for the next load.

It’s an efficient and effective green technology since it reduces water consumption. Other than it reduces water waste, it helps you cut costs on utility bills. However, installing the greywater recycling tank on your laundry business has several considerations:

  1. Extra space for the tank. It’s an advantage for those who have a spacious laundry shop.
  2. It requires you to adjust the amount of chemicals you use in the wash load. The rinse water contains traces of laundry detergent from the previous load, it will alter the water’s chemical properties.
  3. The initial installation cost of the laundry machine is quite expensive.

Laundry services that are using greywater recycling tanks say it’s a beneficial long-term investment despite its difficult considerations.

Takeaway Points

The futuristic technology in the laundry service industry is quite promising for owners and consumers.  Business owners can improve their performance and add value to their service. Moreover, these green technology help increase efficiency, savings, and profits.

Thus, laundry service companies, such as Liox Laundry, with futuristic technology remain competitive in the industry. They maintain sustainable operations, meet environmental regulations, and provide quality service to their consumers.

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Last modified: March 9, 2021

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