Residential renovations: why become professional and invest in this market?

With the worsening of the pandemic, most people had to stay at home to carry out work and study activities. As a result, residential renovations grew significantly in the period, making many people look for professionals and specialized services in the area.

With this, the civil construction sector, architects and interior designers , realized how the moment can be an excellent opportunity for growth. The works and repairs are generally more requested in the common rest areas and in the office, which is precisely the home environment that has been most used in social isolation.

Follow them below and understand why it has been interesting to invest in the residential renovation and home improvement market and how to become a professional to work in the sector. Check out!

How does the home improvement area work?

Anyone who has ever had to do some home renovations knows how this moment can be full of unforeseen events. In fact, it takes a lot of planning for the result to come out as expected, and having specialized professionals makes all the difference. Especially in this pandemic period, people have been busy making home a more comfortable and cozy place.

When we spend more time at home, it’s common to find details that weren’t noticed before, isn’t it? From a small infiltration to the painting of the walls, residential repairs can become a real nuisance when what you want is to make the environment more functional and pleasant.

Currently, most of the renovations have been made to make some of the spaces in the house more suitable for working or studying. This is because many people were forced to dedicate themselves to professional and academic activities remotely, in view of the need for social isolation that the pandemic imposed.

Even so, trying to do it on your own and without professional support can be more expensive than if you were to invest in hiring a specialist in the field. Engineers , architects and interior designers , for example, can help a lot at this time, as they already have knowledge and experience , understanding all the steps of a renovation.

No matter how small the reform, it can bring problems in the future, which can lead to increased expenses for residents. However, taking the necessary precautions and hiring the best professionals in the sector, it is possible to have good results and guarantee more peace of mind when investing in the work.

How to act in the residential renovation sector?

Anyone wishing to provide services in the sector to take advantage of the growth of civil construction during the pandemic period should seek specialization as soon as possible to offer the most modern in the renovation and repair market. There are some very promising careers that have been increasingly requested by those who want to make changes to their property.

Architects and designers , for example, are professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the segment. In addition to knowing details of the most suitable materials, prices and structures for each environment, these specialists provide the necessary support so that everything goes according to plan. See, below, some characteristics about each of the professions .


Architecture is the sector responsible for planning all the internal and external spaces of a house. To do the job well, the architect must think about the desired aesthetics for the place and also observe the characteristics of the surroundings of the property, evaluating what the impacts of the construction or renovation will be.

The academic training for those who want to specialize includes disciplines from the Exact and Human Sciences, with theoretical and practical classes that address numerous topics. Subjects such as Architectural Design, Calculus, Computer Graphics, Statistics and Landscaping are part of the undergraduate curriculum in Architecture.

The professional in the area needs to understand which materials are most used in construction and how they react with the environment and with the building. As it deals directly with the structural part, it is essential to be responsible and know how to make the best decisions, according to the characteristics of each property.

The Architecture course is a Bachelor’s Degree, with an average duration of 5 years. To guarantee the higher level diploma, the student must also carry out a mandatory and supervised internship, in addition to preparing a Course Conclusion Work (TCC).

Interior designer

The Interior Design area plans internal environments for homes, buildings, among other types of real estate. The work consists of making spaces and rooms more functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

The sector’s professional defines how the furniture will be arranged, the most suitable colors and textures for the walls, objects and coatings that will be used in the place. For this, you need to be very creative and always keep up to date with the materials available on the market.

Despite being similar to the work of the architect, the interior designer is not allowed to carry out structural changes to a residential project, such as tearing down walls or changing the original plan. Even so, the professional is qualified to make the house a more cozy and beautiful place, considering that the projects are designed according to the preferences and personality of the residents.

The Interior Design course can be either Technological or Bachelor’s Degree, with an average duration of 2 years. The idea is to quickly prepare the student so that he can offer his services as soon as he obtains higher education. The curriculum does not require in-depth study of building, however, it is necessary to dedicate yourself to learning subjects about Ergonomics, Art History and Environmental Comfort, for example.

Anyone looking to take advantage of the excellent job opportunities in the home improvement sector should become a professional as soon as possible to gain practical knowledge and experience. Undoubtedly, the area offers good possibilities for financial returns and growth in the job market . So, if you haven’t yet chosen an acting career, consider our tips and make the best decision for your future!

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