Researching International Schools: 5 Things You Need To Watch Out For

With so many international schools claiming to be the best for your child, the decision to choose one can become an overwhelming experience. Parents are left confused looking at the different parameters, comparing infrastructure, and figuring out the affordability.

Everyone agrees that the best international schools can help establish the right foundation for your child’s future. With global exposure, excellent faculty, and unbelievable infrastructure on offer, a good international school can be an educational marvel.

However, the question is- how should parents research international schools?

In this article, we speak with experts at Invictus, an international school of Phnom Penh. We ask them to help shed light on how parents should do research for selecting the best international schools.

5 Important Things that you should consider when Researching International Schools

  • Understanding the Experience, History, and Credibility- 

According to experts, it is best to opt for educational institutions that have more than one brand. In other words, a good international school should have branches in different countries.

This goes to show how big they are, and what kind of credibility do they enjoy. This also shows that they have experience in the educational sector and will manage your kids in the best possible manner.

Look at online reviews, speak to parents of kids who go to the school, and talk to the authorities of the school to get a better idea of what the international school is all about.

  • Check out the Global Bodies that the International School is Accredited by- 

You do not want to send your kids to an international school whose curriculum is unknown. In other words, you do not want to face a situation where a foreign college or university does not acknowledge their board certifications.

This is why you need to do your research and go for the gold standard in the industry- the Cambridge Program.

The accreditation is globally acknowledged as one of the most respected and credible ones in the industry. The best international schools opt for this certification and accreditation.

  • Evaluating the Teachers, Staff, Coaches, and Management- 

Running a successful international school is not easy. You need the best manpower for the job. This is why parents need to do their research on the teaching faculty, coaches, staff members, and the management team behind the school.

Evaluate whether they are educationists or just businessmen looking to create a profitable venture.

The intentions of the two vary drastically and this becomes the deciding factor when it comes to assessing how good or bad a school really is. Knowing that the team running the school can help give confidence and pride.

  • Find out about the Fee Structure, Scholarships, and Rebates on offer- 

There is no doubt that as compared to public schools, international schools charge a bit more. However, that does not mean you will have to spend a price comparable to a new house for your kids’ education.

A lot of very good international schools like Invictus are affordable and cost-efficient. Additionally, international schools also offer good scholarships and fee rebates to excellent students who want to join their institutions.

If parents do their research, they will be able to save extensively on their children’s schooling in international schools.

  • Asking your child whether they want to be a part of an International School- 

As parents, you do not have to keep researching just the school itself. You also need to pay attention to whether your child wants to study in such an educational environment.

This is why research should also include paying a visit to the school with your child and asking them questions on how they would feel to study at the school. Incorporate factors like travel time to and from the school for your children.

Figure out whether there is facility for extra coaching after-school hours. Pay close attention to the overall safety and security of the campus including the presence of CCTV cameras, guards, and staff members.

The Final Word

Once you have been able to do your research, you will see that the list of 5 schools that you had initially compiled has narrowed down to just two. While there may be many international schools on the horizon, you need to select the ones that are in the best interests of both your child as well as you. If you have any more questions, do let us know in the comments below.

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