Reasons You Must Get a Car Valuation Before Selling

Selling and buying cars is one of the most common things that we see in the market currently. There are hundreds and thousands of listings of used cars that are posted by car owners and traders. There are many customers and car shoppers in the market who are always open to looking at used cars that are available at good prices. 

Car valuation can be a useful tool in this regard in a market such as Ireland where buying and selling of cars is a competitive space. Car valuation Ireland dealers help in pricing and valuing the car based on the car’s pros and cons and a list of criterions that determine the cost of the car in the market. 

What is Car Valuation?

Car valuation is a method to estimate the car’s net worth and value in the market. It is a useful tool for both the seller and the buyer as it helps in understanding the fair value of the car in the market and price it appropriately. The car valuation technique is done by experts who help in analysing the various aspects of a car that a buyer would be interested in looking into when buying a new car. Based on these parameters, a checklist is formed and using which the car is valued and analysed.

Car Valuation is useful for both the buyers and the sellers as it helps in establishing the cost of the car based on a set of common criterions that both the parties can agree upon. Below are a few reasons why car valuation Ireland is recommended for parties in the market:

Car Valuation can help in accessing one’s own car and arriving at a value that can help sellers sell the car faster in the market. One can compare the cars in the similar range and decide on what level to price the car at. A car that has been sitting on the market for too long fetches a less value than a car that is appropriately priced with a valid car valuation report to prove its worth

As a buyer in the market, a car that has been valued and evaluated by a third party car valuation expert gives more confidence for the buyer. A buyer can simply go through the facts and parameters that helped establish the cost of the car and compare it against similar cars in that range. This can help the buyer to make a decision much faster. 

How is a Car Valued in the Market?

Cars are valued on a set of criterions that are most important for a customer and a seller when they are in the market to sell and buy a car. A list of the criterions by which cars are valued are mentioned below:

  • Car Make and Manufacturer
  • Year of Manufacturing
  • Service History
  • The physical condition of the car
  • Mileage on the car
  • Engine Size and Condition
  • Fuel Type 
  • Number of Previous Owners (s)
  • Tax and other Payables on the Car
  • Additional options on the car

These are some of the points based on which a car valuation report is generated. This report can be done by an independent third party and can be shared between the buyer and the seller. It can also help in haggling and negotiation on the price of the car based on the report.

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