Real Estate Marketing: Tips, Tricks, and Trends for 2021

Does your marketing strategy need an overhaul for 2021? Real estate is about to face one of its most challenging yet exciting years yet. If you know how to execute the correct marketing strategy, you could be at the forefront of it. 

From software to social media, real estate is changing, and you need to change with it. Read on for our must-know guide on real estate marketing in 2021. 

Use of Drone Footage

Listings, particularly ones found online, are becoming even more visual. People want to see the home in all its aspects, without leaving the comfort of their own living room. They want videos as well as quality pictures, such as the types found in these real estate listings. 

One way to take this a step further is with the use of drone footage. If the property is in a beautiful neighborhood, then let people see it. If it comes with a sizable amount of land, then viewing from the air can really show the amount of space that is for sale.  

Use drone footage to showcase the wider area. Perhaps there are amenities close by, such as schools, businesses, and parks that you could include. 

Real Estate Marketing Engagement 

One of the most vital real estate marketing trends is the use of engagement. If you want people to come to you when they decide to buy or sell a property, they are more likely to do so if they have already had previous dealings or experience with you. The best way to do this is through engagement. 

Instagram is a great way to build social engagement. Not only does it let you share pictures of properties you have on your books, but it also has a number of tools to encourage engagement. There are contests and polls that you can use to ask people questions and get them talking to your brand. 

This works to your advantage in two ways. Not only will people be more likely to use your services, but Instagram will see that your profile is getting a lot of interaction. This will push it higher up the rankings, making it more visible to people who may be potential leads. 

Content Marketing

Producing useful content is a great way to get potential leads for your business. It is relatively cheap, even more so if you create it yourself. All it needs is some helpful blogs, how-to guides, and lists on your website related to the real estate and housing niche. 

When people search online, they will come across your article, leading them to your website. Once they have the information they need, you become a trusted source. They will hopefully return, and at some point may even use you as their real estate agent. 

Good content marketing does go into a little more detail. It involves using the correct keywords and checking to see how much competition is online for similar articles. This is why you may consider hiring SEO specialists and content creation experts for this method of real estate lead generation.

Get Into the Community

While engagement from behind a computer screen is effective, getting out an engagement with people in person is still one of the best tips for real estate marketing. If you live and breathe the local community, then people will view you as an expert on it and will trust your judgment when choosing properties in it. 

Your first step is to become involved in charitable causes. COVID has left communities devastated, and they need rebuilding. If you are out there doing all you can, it will build brand awareness as well as safeguard the areas you hope to sustain a career in. 

If you can not find events or causes to become involved in, then organize them. See if you can tie the needs of the community in with your passions. Events can be sponsored or outwardly organized by your company, marketing you to all who attend.

Diversify Your Platforms

By their very nature, people are diverse. This means that you will have to target a wide range of people, in quite different demographics. To do this successfully, you need to diversify. 

Diversification can be grouped into three main targeting categories. These are direct marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing. This ensures you are reaching the biggest audience possible.

Direct marketing is your traditional advertising and marketing methods. You will have some that are steadfast and produce consistent results. It would be counter-productive to get rid of them simply to pursue real estate marketing current trends. 

Instead, combine them with a social media marketing campaign. Try using PPC ads, along with sharable content marketing on your website. Finally, back it up with email marketing campaigns collected from your leads. 

Invest in Software and Automation

Investing in dedicated real estate technology can save you a lot of time. There are a number of real estate software packages designed specifically for estate agents. Using them frees you up for other tasks, such as finding leads and closing sales. 

The software can provide all the marketing tools you need in one box. When combined with automation, it can use AI data to match leads to properties. This cuts out spending time on people who are not fully committed to buying yet, making sure you maximize your time and efficiency. 

Real Estate Marketing 2021

In summary, real estate marketing will need more of your time and attention in 2021, as you diversify to a number of marketing techniques. However, by investing in automation you can free up the time to do this, leaving you to the part of the job you love, making sales. 

This article is just one of many handy guides on our blog. We have everything from marketing to finance, to get your business to a great start in the coming year, so browse our other articles today.

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