Rapper Reportedly Plans To Buy A Planet

Lil uzi has been making the headlines since the news broke about him saying that he is going to buy a planet. You must be assuming that what is lil uzi vert net worth so that he is making such a shocking statement.

In this article, we will disclose everything about the rapper. We will give granular details of lil uzi vert net worth 2021. What is  Lil Uzi vert lil uzi net worth source? 

Be with us to the exclusive journey about the rapper and how much is lil uzi worth?

Before moving ahead in the article about lil uzi net worth, let’s check out his quick biography. 

Quick biographical facts

Name (Birth) – Symere Bysil Wood 

Popular name – Lil uzi vert

Birthday – 31st, july 1994

Age – 27 years

Zodiac sign- Leo

Country (borned) –  USA

Place of birth – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Height – 5ft 4inches

Profession – Rapper, singer and songwriter 

Music genre – emo rap, hip hop, punk rap

We all know that lil uzi vert is infamous for spending money extravagantly. Fans expect that lil uzi vert net worth 2021 is roof shattering. We will check out the details now about the famous rapper. He has 15.5 million followers on his instagram with just 8 posts. Therefore, you can imagine the level of fan following of the rapper. We will also see what is lil uzi networth 2021 later in this article.


He is one of the talented artists who started following artists of his favourite genre in his early childhood. Later at his young age he discovered that without music he can’t live without and decided to pursue music as a career. That is why lil uzi vert net worth is pretty high since he is the guy who loved music from his heart and soul.

Uzi Vert  came into limelight when he was featured in the famous album of carnage singles called ‘WDYW’. In that song he was featured with ASAP Ferg and Rich the kid, where the album was released in 2015. The album showcased his exquisite talent of rapping in different genres that pushed till lil uzi networth 2021. Consequently his songs got more popular having the album named “luv is range”.

Some of the single tracks including ‘You was right’ and ‘money longer’ are some of the popular singles of the rapper. Consequently both the track hit the Billboard Hot 100 and also featured in the Billboard 200 Top 50 for the current year of that time. 

How much is lil uzi worth?

Fans are keen to know the value of his favourite rapper.

How much is Lil uzi worth is one of the most asked questions asked by his fans. Therefore in this para you will get the answer to the monetary value of the rapper. 

With his immense popularity the estimated value of lil uzi net worth 2021 is around 16 million u.s dollars. This can be seen as an immense amount of wealth that a young rapper like Lil Uzi has gained in such a short span of time. That is why we saw an impressive hike in lil uzi net worth 2021. 

Media Reports of Lil uzi vert net worth

By analysing the media reports only we can analyze the real size of Lil uzi net worth. 

According to the New York Post “XO Tour Llif3” is one of the crucial sources of his income in the year 2017. The rapper earned surprisingly super high that he implanted a $24million dollar pink diamond on his forehead. In addition to that he also gained a considerable amount of advertisements and promotions of brands.

That is why he is one of the highest paid rappers between 2017 to 2018 when his net worth reached a wooping $20 million dollars. 

In the next year lil Uzi reached around a total number of 3.5 billion streaming views on different music platforms collectively. Thus these are some of the major reasons behind the surprising net worth of the young rapper in this early stage of life. 

Is Lil uzi vert planning to buy a planet?

Lil Uzi net worth 2021 is surprisingly high so a lot of people have sent us queries regarding the veracity of rapper Lil Uzi buying a planet? Let’s check out the fact that lil uzi is planning to purchase a planet?.

Reportedly according to a Yale university professor Gregory Laughlin, rapper Lil Uzi is going to buy a planet. The news went bonkers over the internet that “Documentation almost complete for @LILUZIVERT officially owns wasp-127b — this is huge! And the first person as a human species to buy the planet.”

But with the explanation of NASA we got the clarification that buying a planet by lil uzi is just a piece of gimmick. NASA, the renowned agency stated that there is no involvement of the rapper or anyone in buying a planet called Wasp-127b.

Additionally Lughlin who has created a formula for calculating the worth of a planet or heavenly body denied the fact that someone can buy or claim a heavenly body now. 

After analyzing the facts and statements given by the experts that rapper buying a planet is not a real deal.

Hope you have loved this article about lil uzi net worth 2021 and the rapper buying a planet. Keep visiting our website and please don’t forget to provide your valuable comments down below. 

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