Queen hands huge new role to Prince William to take on ‘high profile’ events above Charles | Royal | News

The Queen has been Britain’s longest-serving monarch in history, ruling over the country and leading the Commonwealth for over 67 years since inheriting the throne from her father in 1952. As she begins to lessen her royal engagements, she has given patronages over to Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. Also, Prince William has taken on “high profile” royal events above heir, Prince Charles.

Speaking on the ROYALS podcast, Ms Mollard said: “One of these charities which she’s recently given to Kate which is the patron of the family action charity, she’s held that for 65 years.

“That’s a long time, isn’t it? To be working for an organisation very proudly and turn up every single year, probably multiple times a year.

“There’s so much work we never see when they collate the engagements and look at who’s done the most work.

“It’s based on when we see them or when they’re actually at an event.

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“She’s passed that one on to Kate and I think we will be seeing a lot more of that.

“In fact lots of members of The Royal Family are going to be stepping up this year.

“We’ve already seen it with Charles.

“We’ve seen William at a lot more high-profile events, a lot of international trips particularly to countries that need a bit of care and attention.

Asked whether the Queen should abdicate, Ms Hewson told Jeremy Vine on 5: “Absolutely no.

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. I think everybody, even if you are not a royalist, adores the Queen.

“They love her, they think she’s been there 67 years – four years longer than Queen Victoria.”

She continued: “And I think she deserves to be there for as long as she wishes to be there. The time will come, naturally, that she’ll pass it on and I think it will be to Prince William.”

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