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The advancement of technology has led to a global market where there’s always a potential customer awake and waiting somewhere in the world. In order to adjust and thrive in this kind of environment, a company needs to leverage technology to its benefit, especially in the world of advertising and monetization. This is where a programmatic solution comes in.

What is Programmatic Selling?

Programmatic selling is something that sounds very complicated, but in essence, is actually very simple, you’re just buying or selling advertising space automatically. Instead of requiring a human as part of the transaction to handle negotiations and the finalizing of the sale, the process is handled entirely by computers in an automated manner. Examples of advertising space sold in this manner include banner ads, and ads played before or during a streaming video.

Complex algorithms allow an appropriate price to be determined, taking into account various factors including the season, time of day, type of advertising space, and so on. By using programmatic solutions, this process is infinitely faster than having to rely on a more conventional human-to-human interaction. 

What are Managed Programmatic Services?

Managed programmatic services are specialized advertising services provided by agencies to automate and enhance the ad sale experience. This allows there to be fewer intermediary parties involved, which can not only make the procedure faster but more pleasant too, as there are fewer steps and delays in the streamlined process.   

The amount of management in solutions provided by companies like TheViewPoint varies based on customer preference. For those looking to minimize cost and prefer to retain direct involvement, a self-management platform is available. However, if a company would prefer a more hands-off and catered approach, then fully managed platforms take care of everything on their behalf.

What are the Benefits of Managed Programmatic Services?

If you’re a content creator looking to monetize your content, choosing a managed service like TVP Connect from TheViewPoint can bring you a slew of benefits. One of the primary perks that might drive creators to a service like this is increasing their profits. By cutting out multiple middleman companies you can see up to a 30% increase in revenue; the fewer companies taking a fee in the process, the higher your flat cost per milli/thousand (CPM) rate will be.

Oftentimes in our digital age data makes the world go round, which, when used appropriately, leads to money which then makes the world spin just a little faster! With the granular reporting available through the dashboard provided by TVP Connect, you can make informed and calculated decisions on what is best for your business.

By using this kind of service, you can also be connected directly to the high-profile ad space of buyers, which can be a great aid in monetizing your content catalogue on the most popular connected TV (CTV) platforms. This gives you potentially greater reach and revenue compared to other, more traditional methods.

Finally, one benefit that will attract many, especially smaller companies where employees may have multiple roles, or content creators who handle their own monetization as well as content creation, is its ease of use. The mark of a good system is how user-friendly the interface is, and with TVP Connect’s simple but effective system, you can manage your content inventory in just a handful of clicks.


In this day and age everyone is busy and getting busier; being able to trust a company to manage a complex topic like advertising-based monetization and ad space purchasing on your behalf, can be a huge weight off your shoulders. By taking full advantage of a managed programmatic service like TheViewPoint’s TVP Connect, a content creator can increase their revenue, decrease their stress and frustration, and even free up time to enjoy those perks. 

If you’re interested in this kind of service I highly recommend you look further into the topic, embracing technological and administerial aids like this can be the key to having your business switch to the fast lane, instead of stalling in the parking lot.

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