Private Tutoring – Why is the Industry Booming?

Many countries around the world are struggling with the pandemic and most have had to close their schools. Kids have been instructed to learn from home but children need guidance and without instruction, most of them will not sit down in front of a computer and learn by themselves. While normal education is coming to terms with the global pandemic, another industry is booming – online tutoring.

Academic Support – Dymocks Tutoring and many other leading Australian private tutoring companies have witnessed a massive interest in their services, driven by the global pandemic. They have worried parents contacting them about private tutoring as they do not want their kids to fall behind. Parents are ready to spend their money on private tutoring to help their kids stay on top of their education. If anything, the pandemic has increased pressure on students to get better grades.

No Distractions –We all know that kids get distracted in school, a lot is going on around them and most of the time it is hard to focus on schoolwork. So, how do you find other ways to motivate kids and limit distractions? Going to class is always going to be important and home schooling is not always a good option as it limits their social development. Personalised study techniques are easier to implement when there is only one student and one teacher. Kids can focus a lot easier when they have zero distractions around them.

Personalised Learning Approach – One of the best things about private tutoring is that the student can focus on specific subjects or exams to improve their knowledge and get the best possible result. The tutor will create a customised learning plan that suits the learning style of the student. While some believe there are 7 different types of learning styles, others believe there are as few as 3 and you must understand all the learning styles to be a great tutor. Outstanding tutors use a variety of styles and focus on ones that students respond to. This personal approach makes private tutoring extremely effective.

It is something that classroom teachers cannot offer as there are too many students to teach in a school setting. Private tutors can customise lessons and they specialise in a range of subjects, including:

  • Biology, Chemistry, & Physics
  • Business Studies
  • Maths
  • English

Removes Geographical Barriers

Another reason why online tutoring has become so popular is because of access to teachers all over the world. For example, if you are an Asian student who wants to learn English from a native speaker, you can pay for an Australian or American teacher to instruct you online. The need to commute or travel is eliminated from the equation and students can be taught by whoever they choose.

There are many reasons why private tutoring is booming, especially online. It gives students who need help in any subject access to an experienced tutor. Even a few one to one sessions each week will make a huge difference to a student’s grades.

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