Prep Yourself Right: 6 Surfing Essentials Every Beginner Needs

Are you thinking of learning how to surf? It can be a fun pastime, one that has mental, physical, and emotional benefits.

Getting on the surfboard for the first time can be an exhilarating experience. And while you will have to learn and gradually improve your techniques, spending time in the ocean is one of the best things you can do for your overall wellness.

While surfing is very enjoyable, it can also be a dangerous sport if you don’t have the surfing essentials you need to stay safe while riding the waves. Fortunately, you don’t need a lot of surfing equipment to get started. By purchasing a few essentials, you will be enjoying the sun, sand, and ocean before you know it.

If you are new to surfing and aren’t sure what items you need to get started, these are the essentials you should purchase.

1. Surfboard

One of the surf essentials you need is a surfboard. As a beginner, bigger is better to help you avoid injuries from falling. Aim for a board that is at least 8 feet long and one that is made from foam or has a soft top.

2. Wetsuit

Another item on your essential surfing gear checklist is a wetsuit. A good wetsuit will allow you to surf, even when the water is cold. The best way to choose a wetsuit is to ask for help at the surf shop.

3. Surfboard Leash

One of the best surfing accessories you can buy is a surfboard leash. This is a small strap that attaches your board to your leg. A surfboard leash is ideal for keeping your board under control and making sure it’s not lost when you are knocked off by a wave.

4. Surf Wax

One essential item on your surfing safety gear checklist is surf wax. This is just to provide you with traction so you can stay on your board for as long as possible. You can also purchase a traction pad in place of the wax.

5. Water Socks

Similar to a wetsuit, water socks are ideal for beginner surfers. They are great for staying comfortable when you are surfing in the cold water. If you need quality socks, you can check out these water socks for more options.

6. Surf Earplugs

Have you ever heard of surfer’s ear? It’s a painful condition that comes from prolonged exposure to cold water or even cold wind.

With this condition, the bone in the ear canal develops growths that will eventually block your ear canal. Thankfully, a quality pair of surf earplugs can help you prevent this painful condition.

These Are the Surfing Essentials Every Beginner Needs

There are a few surfing essentials you need to stay safe while you are surfing.

The first item you need is a surfboard. You also need a wetsuit, surfboard leash, and surf wax. Make sure you purchase water socks and earplugs for your surfing adventure.

These are the items you need to have a successful surfing session.

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