Popularity of Butterfly Necklace has been increased in 2021

A butterfly necklace symbolizes an ascension, and even transformation. The butterfly goes from a caterpillar which may not be good looking, to a wonderfully beautiful creature. It is truly a spiritual and physical re-birth. This is the reason butterfly bling remains popular and grows more popular in 2021.   Chvker Jewelry has captured the essence of the free-spirit and beauty of the butterfly in its collection of necklaces. The butterfly necklaces come in a selection of semi-precious stones and are reminiscent of the butterfly in “flight” with its outspread wings. The butterfly bling by Chvker Jewelry is multi-generational as women and girls of all ages absolutely love the beauty and harmony that emanates from wearing beautiful butterfly bling.  

Transformation is one of the mystical marvels of the butterfly. 

Women who wear butterfly bling feel a transformation while wearing this adornment.  It is a subtle yet inspirational feeling. Whether aware of the harmony that butterfly bling imparts, women who wear it find themselves touching the butterfly jewelry supplied by Chvker Jewelry throughout each day. It does have a calming and relaxing effect and many compliments are also received by those that view the butterfly fling.  With the charming array of semi-precious stones and colors, few women would not want this jewelry as a gift or a purchase for themselves. Each stage of life can bring stresses but owning a piece of butterfly bling can soothe and bring harmony whenever stresses arise, whether large or small.  

The myth of the butterfly is documented through all countries and cultures. 

Legends about among Native American cultures about the butterfly bringing sweet dreams to babies and being symbolic of a rebirth but the legends are not limited to the Native American cultures.  Throughout the world, in practically every country, legends and stories abound concerning butterflies and their ability to bring magic and harmony to wearers of butterfly jewelry.  Some cultures, including American culture do release butterflies after a wedding, as this is considered to bring good luck and inspiration to a marital union.  Other countries are known to release butterflies during burials to release the spirits of the deceased.  Whispered wishes are encouraged worldwide when a butterfly is seen as the mythology does include the idea that wishes then will come true!  

Chvker Jewelry with its large assortment of butterfly necklaces tries to bring the mythology to life! Peace, harmony, and the absolute joy of the spirit of the butterfly live on every piece of Chvker Jewelry. The intricate attention to detail makes the butterfly jewelry sold by Chvker Jewelry an inspiration for everyday wear and special occasions and is appropriate and yet sedate enough for wear inside a business environment.  No need to seek beautiful butterfly bling anywhere else than Chvker Jewelry!  Peace and harmony are available with each purchase and each purchase will leave a buyer breathless.  Chvker Jewelry is proud of all its products especially being on trend and with the butterfly bling, on trend purchases also bring glorious jewelry.  Classic yet beautiful is what is sought by Chvker Jewelry. 

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Last modified: March 26, 2021

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