Pokerhub, the best app to play poker with friends

If you are a lover of gambling and especially poker, you are in luck because it is increasingly possible to play poker quickly, easily and safely on our trusted devices. Poker applications are sweeping the market and among them we find some that stand out above the rest for its many features, as is the case of Pokerhub, the best application to play poker online.

If you do not know Pokerhub, you have come to the right place, because in this article we are going to tell you why Pokerhub is the best application to play poker with friends. If you know Pokerhub, but you have never dared to play with your friends, it is as simple as creating a club, as we explain below. So if you want to know what are the advantages of Pokerhub clubs to play with friends and how you can set up your own poker club on Pokerhub read on to find out:

What is Pokerhub?

Pokerhub is an online poker platform that was born in 2019 after the great need of players to find a secure, convenient and easy to use application with which to play poker with their friends from home.

What stands out most about Pokerhub is that it has the best online poker experience, as it is not only characterized by containing the best poker games in an online application, but it also prioritizes above all fair play, and only allows players to play against other real people, so in Pokerhub there is no malware or bots.

In addition to this, the star feature of Pokerhub is precisely that of its clubs, and this is because we are talking about what with Pokerhub you can get one of the best group poker experiences, since this online poker application allows you to customize your game to the maximum to the point that it offers you the possibility to join clubs of players already created previously or to create your own with your friends.

What this offers you is the opportunity to create games as the administrator, so that you are the one who creates the game with your own rules, so it offers a competitive advantage over many other poker applications that only limit themselves to offer the basic games to their players in a standard way.

How to play on Pokerhub with friends?

If you are interested in how to play poker with friends or how you can create your own poker clubs on Pokerhub we have to talk about how easy it is to set up games and how easy it is to access the club and start organizing everything step by step.

With this clear, we tell you below in more detail how to create a poker club on Pokerhub and how to join a players club in the Pokerhub application so that you understand the diversity of options you have and learn how to customize this application to your liking to enjoy online poker with friends to the fullest.

How to create a poker club on Pokerhub

To navigate through the Pokerhub interface we have to follow just three or four steps, since we are faced with an application that has a really simple and intuitive menu; precisely another of its advantages and the facts that have popularized this application among poker players. 

The first thing we have to do to create a club in Pokerhub is to download the application. The good thing about this online poker software is that it is cross-platform and, therefore, it is available for download from any type of device. So choose whether you are going to download Pokerhub on Android, iOS or the Windows desktop app to start enjoying the experience.

The next thing to do is to log in to the app by creating your user account. It is also possible to log in as a guest, but we don’t recommend it if you want to create a poker club with your friends, as this way you won’t be able to do it. The Pokerhub application will ask you for your email address and a verification code to confirm your account, and once you have done this, you will have full access to the Pokerhub application.

To continue, we will access the main menu and the lobby of the platform, where we will immediately see that there is a button with the name “create a club” that will allow us to start our adventure. As you can see, it is as simple as choosing a name, a picture and, optionally, writing some information, if you see it necessary, as a description of the club; for example, you can explain what are some of the rules or games that will be played.

Finally, you will need to invite players to your club. So let your friends know so that they can join and start being part of the club. It is possible to send invitations or directly enter the names of the players in the club so that the invitation is sent automatically. 

Remember that, as you are the administrator of this group, you will have total control of the organization of the games and, therefore, you will also be the only one to decide who enters and who does not enter your club. This means that you also have the responsibility to set everything up and make sure that the user experience within your club is correct and always complies with Pokerhub’s rules. As soon as your friends join the club you can start playing with complete peace of mind and enjoy your personalized games. 

How to join a poker club in the Pokerhub app

The other option within Pokerhub is to join directly into a club that has been previously created by other players. This can be a good option to start with if you want to, so that you can familiarize yourself with the application in your first days and understand how the game works on Pokerhub. In addition, it can also serve you to meet new people and make new friends, or even rivals, so do not rule out this option of joining a Pokerhub club.

In order to join a Pokerhub club you will have to follow exactly the same steps that we have already explained in the previous point, except that instead of clicking on the “create a club” option you will simply have to select from the list of the best Pokerhub clubs and join the one that most resembles your style of play or the one you find most interesting to challenge your own intellect.

Advantages of Pokerhub clubs

Now that you know how you can join Pokerhub and how to create a club in the Pokerhub app, the next thing is for you to understand why this is an advantage over other online poker apps and what’s so great about Pokerhub clubs. As we have already mentioned, its features are fully customizable, but this is thanks to the options that the platform offers you.

  • The first thing to note is that as you already know is that the customization options are very varied and complete, so creating a club on Pokerhub means that you can play poker with your friends in a totally free way. As a club administrator you are able to design in detail the games and choose the modalities, since you can opt for a particular poker variant, choose the number of players and choose other main features, such as, for example, if there is VPIP, buy-in, ante, blind limits, etc., so that, as you can see, the possibilities are endless.
  • In addition to all this, the secure game, as we have already mentioned, is another of the main attractions of Pokerhub. We are faced with an application that has the Gamelab certified seal and, therefore, is a totally safe and reliable space in which all poker lovers can live their passion without having to worry at all about the safety of the game.
  • Continuing with the previous point, thanks to this seal of quality we also talk about the fact that fairness is fully assured in all poker games at Pokerhub, since Fair Play is another of the strong points for which the brand advocates. Thus, when you create or enter any club on Pokerhub you can be totally confident that the distribution of cards is exactly the same for all members of the table.
  • The user interface is another of the most remarkable aspects of the best poker application, as it could not be otherwise, and we are talking about the configuration and creation of all poker games is very fast. Even for the administrator himself, the selection of the game and the different characteristics of his club is a quick and simple task. In fact, it is even possible to organize different clubs with templates so that every time you want to organize a new game you already have all this work done and you only have to click a button to enjoy the game with your friends. 

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