PayBack Ltd Review – A Lifeline For Scammed Traders

PayBack Ltd Review

PayBack is a trusted money recovery firm dedicated to assisting helpless traders. Unfortunately, the number of scam brokers in the online market has become much higher than that of legitimate brokers. Scammers are somehow able to trap innocent traders on a daily basis. Previously, victim traders used to accept their loss as an investment risk, but with the introduction of firms like PayBack Ltd, their hopes have been renewed. In this PayBack Ltd review, you will get to know about the services being provided by this magnificent firm. 

PayBack Ltd is an experienced funds recovery firm that was established back in 2010; hence it has 11 years of experience. It is an Israel-based firm that protects traders from online scams. Its main objective is to help looted traders in recovering their money from the clutches of scammers.

PayBack Ltd does proper research on the scam broker and its management to expose its loopholes and then tries to retrieve the money of traders. To reverse the payments, it uses international banking laws. The traders are only required to deposit a minimal fee in advance, which is charged to confirm the order, and the rest of the fee is charged after the completion of work. It follows a four-step process to recover the money. It performs the following steps:

  • Obtains all the necessary details from traders
  • Collects needed documents
  • Confronts the fraudulent brokers and their bank
  • Claims funds


When traders contact PayBack to seek help, they are provided complete guidance and advice through its highly competent professionals. It keeps the claimant well informed about the proceedings in the entire recovery process. Currently, PayBack Ltd is providing refund services in different areas such as forex, stocks, digital currencies, and binary options. Although PayBack leaves no stone unturned to help its clients, it also believes that traders should be educated properly so that they don’t fall into such traps in the first place. It also educates traders on how to avoid being scammed while shopping in the online market. Some of the PayBack’s tips in this regard are mentioned below:

  • Shoppers should go for those companies only which are globally accepted. For instance, Ali Baba and Amazon. 
  • Before shopping online, traders should check the feedback and opinions of buyers who have already experienced the website. 
  • Buyers should select those companies which use SSL encryption to secure transactions. 

Affordable Price Structure

After collecting the required information from traders, the clients are charged some fee in order to start the process. The fee is kept very low because they don’t want to exploit the already looted traders. Generally, the fee remains between 500 to 1200 dollars, but in some exceptionally high profile cases, it is increased depending on the level of difficulty. The clients are told that the remaining fee will be charged only if the money is recovered successfully. The pricing structure is also very flexible, which means that the clients who want to pay less advance are allowed to pay the remaining fee after completion of work. 

Initiation Of Process

Once the clients agree to the terms and conditions of PayBack Ltd, the case is assigned to the experts of the firm. The team of experts consists of chartered financial analysts, banking law experts, and forensic accountants. These experts build a strong case in collaboration with victims. The recovery agents are fluent English speakers that is why they are able to deal with customers belonging to any part of the world. These agents go through an extensive training course of 3 months duration. 


PayBack Ltd is a verified recovery firm with more experience than any other firm in this category. Its fee is low and provides a free second attempt if the first attempt to recover the money remains unsuccessful. This team of highly skilled professionals is providing its services to clients belonging to all over the world that is why I suggest you take help from this firm if you are facing any inconvenience due to some scam broker. 

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