Are you planning a Paw Patrol theme party? Paw Patrol is a well-known Television on Nick that follows six rescue dogs lead to technology-savvy children, Ryder, to protect their neighbors. Every dog has a particular gadget and skill that helps them to do jobs like rescuing a cat and saving a train from a rock slide.

We’ve had several requests from parents to assist create a theme birthday party for their kid – one that’s overflowing with heaps of fun activities and games. Scroll down the list of some inspiring ideas for a kid’s birthday to help you plan fun and excitement for your little one.

Instead of plates, use dog dishes 

This might sound a bit weird, but it’s a Paw Patrol theme party after all, and it has to celebrate the heroic of these little dogs. Therefore serving food in dog dishes would make the guest feel like they’re genuinely in the home of these Paw Patrol puppies. Of course, you don’t have to use regular puppy dishes. There’re some extremely fancy dishes. In the design of dog dishes available on the market, you can purchase these to serve your guests.

Welcome guests with a Puppy door sign and Paw Patrol characters 

It’s vital that as soon as your guest reaches the theme party venue, at the entrance gate itself, the guest should begin to feel that they’re entering the world of Paw Patrol. You can also hang colorful signs with photos of several Paw Patrol characters printed on them. Every character can be saying something to invite your guest inside the theme party venue.

Arrange Competition of Dog Coloring

One of the games you can male every guest play is to make them color pup characters with crayons. There’re special crayons available in the market, which are the form of dog bones. You can purchase these crayons for the guests to utilize for dog coloring. Even if your guests are not interested in painting, these bone-formed crayons will attract children and make every child contribute to this painting game.

Paw Patrol Prints Everywhere

Make small and cute Paw Patrol prints on paper and paste these all over the home for decor purposes. These prints can be colorful and different sizes and in little varying shapes. You can also find some ready-made photos available in the store. You can buy those Paw Patrol prints and pin them all over the home.

Scavenger Hunt

One of the well-known and fun games that you can make your guests play at this Paw Patrol birthday character party is a scavenger hunt game. Find badges of the Paw Patrol character team and ask the guest to find at least 1. Besides, this is truly a fun game, and you don’t want the game to end within a blink of an eye. So you can hide enough badges so that everybody has ample time to find one and enjoy the game thoroughly with our Paw Patrol characters entertainer.

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