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Tepastex fabric options are large in volume. Fabric types that are needed by many sectors also provide production. It promotes the products it produces and sells on its website.

Among the fabric types, the fabrics, which are parasol fabric, appear in every aspect of our lives.

The first main reason why they are suitable for use in products such as sea, marina, ship, garden, umbrella, awning, outdoor flooring group is that they have a durable structure.

The weaving frequency of Tepastex fabrics, which adapt to the conditions of use and are sold under the manufacturer’s warranty with a long life, is quite intense compared to other products on the market.

Weaving frequency and production method, other components used in fabric yarn increase the quality of the products.

It offers ideal solutions to reflect your style with different color options. Tepastex parasol fabrics can be used safely in every area of ​​our life, in the garden, at home, on the terrace, on the boat, on the balcony or in the pool.

Tepastex has been serving its customers for many years on fabrics solutions.

The sales team, which provides on-site analysis for the products you have requested, supports you with different solutions depending on the place or sector you will use.

It always conveys information to its customers on issues that require detailed technical information such as which fabric should you prefer in which area, how much you should prefer, which model should you prefer. As a result of the analyzes made for the product and quantity that we have examined and you want to buy, they send a price offer.

It is one of the rare companies that guarantees the products in every process from the moment of production. There are colors and patterns in many different categories such as Tepastex parasol fabric, fleece fabric, camouflage fabric.

If you want to examine Tepastex products, you can request the product catalog to your address.

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Last modified: July 3, 2021

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