Overcoming Adversity: How An Inspiring Motivational Speaker Can Help

Every day all of us are faced with a variety of adversities. Piling bills, unhappy relationships, toxic bosses, horrible work-life balance, and now a pandemic. Perhaps for the first time, a virus has given the entire world a wake-up call and made it rethink the importance of good mental health. Companies and individuals who earlier never really cared about a person’s mental health and often even joked about it are now taking part in this conversation and trying to help. More than anything they have themselves experienced how lonely the journey of dealing with adversity can be. 

But honestly, while some people might feel like they have their own crosses to bear, it is important to remember that you do not have to deal with it on your own. Several amazing forms of help both personal and virtual have now emerged and gained a lot of popularity. In fact, during this time, every step taken counts. A boss taking steps to reach out to their team members and check on them counts, you checking up on your friends or family to let them know that you are there for them counts. 

While you might feel like you might not be qualified to help reach the deepest areas of a person’s mind and heart to help them feel better, there is one thing you can do to help. Bring in a motivational speaker. 

When should you think of bringing in a mental health and well-being motivational speaker?

If you plan on addressing a team, there is nothing better than bringing in a mental health and wellbeing speaker. If you are someone seeking help to simply make your immediate or extended family feel better, you can bring in an overcoming adversity speaker or perhaps even a resilience keynote speaker. 

While a lot of you might think “Aren’t motivational speakers hired for huge crowds or for like a TED talk?” The answer to this is YES and NO. Yes, because if you do have a huge crowd to talk to then getting a motivational speaker involved is the obvious option. No, because there is no such rule as to how many you need to have in your audience. All you need is a want in you that says, ‘I want to help or be helped during this time of trouble’. 

You may or may not be able to give or receive the exact level of empathy and advice required from a colleague, friend, or family member, but by bringing in a motivational speaker you bring in a fresh perspective, advice from a person with a lot of life experience, and they might just give you the missing piece of information that would unlock and motivate you to get up and be your best!

Why choose a motivational speaker?

Whether you are looking at bring in a motivational speaker for your organisation, yourself, a friend, or your family, the benefits work the same way. Here are some reasons why you should opt for bringing in a motivational speaker.

Reality check 

A lot of motivational speakers come from extremely hostile or tough backgrounds. They have grown through it and chosen to spend their life helping others cope by advising them from all the experience they gained through a lot of painful events. When a third party hears these stories, it often gives them the reality check they need to help them feel humbled and grateful for what they have. But more than anything it gives a person a huge boost of motivation when they see others having emerged so well through adversities. 

New and creative approaches

Since motivational speakers stay up to date with the latest changing trends and find creative ways to implement them as per the present, we are exposed to new and creative ways of trying to feel motivated that are aligned with the current circumstances. Now with a pandemic that has left the whole world feeling lost, we cannot possibly use older ways to bring about motivation in our lives. Through research and experience, motivational speakers in Melbourne have now found new ways to inspire crowds.

This shows that you care

Bringing in a motivational speaker for your family, friends, yourself, or perhaps your team, shows that you care enough to do this. When it comes to organisations, teammates look up to their managers as role models and it is the manager’s job to make them become their best. By bringing in a motivational speaker you are letting them know that you care about them and are willing to be there for them and also bring in such experienced people in order to help them get motivated and achieve what they want in life. More than anything it shows them that you are human too and that you too are willing to learn something along with them.

A shot of knowledge

Motivational speakers also bring with them a set of skills that can help educate people about opportunities, finance, and job markets. Especially now with the pandemic hitting the planet and resulting in so many loss of jobs, money, and opportunities, bringing in an overcoming adversity speaker or resilience keynote speaker can really help go a long way and give solutions to people who have been stuck and have not been able to find any sturdy solution.

What kind of motivational speaker should I opt for?

While this completely depends upon the agenda you have in mind, there are a lot of motivational speakers available around who specialise in areas such as body image, finance, jobs, mental health and well-being, young adults, education, leadership, and a lot more. Making a decision becomes easier when the goal is clear as to why you wish to bring in a professional motivational speaker.

After reading through the benefits mentioned earlier, anyone would want to give this a shot and try to listen to a motivational speaker to help themselves and others get that gentle nudge to help them get up and about. In a time where almost the entire planet is going through a variety of adversities, it is important to find ways to help everyone around you. More than anything the entire planet needs a big warm hug filled with motivation and encouragement towards new possibilities. 

Everyone needs to be reminded that they are not alone through this and that help can be found in the darkest of times. And what better way to do this, than bring in professionals who live and breathe to empower others and help in making the world a better place?

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