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If you have landed on this page to know about Olivia Rodrigo parents, race, nationality, biography, etc? If yes then you are at the most suitable place to know all about this popular singer. Additionally, we will also provide details about how old is Olivia Rodrigo,  Olivia Rodrigo family, her biography, age, and how tall is Olivia Rodrigo. etc 


Olivia Rodrigo is a popular young American singer and songwriter. Additionally, she is one of the youngest artists in Hollywood who gained high popularity in a very less amount of time. Olivia Rodrigo parents are extremely proud of her work and share immense happiness with the public too. As per statements of Olivia Rodrigo family and relatives she was extremely hard working at a very young age. 

With the release of the popular Disney television program “High school Musical” the graph of the popularity of Olivia went straight up. She got the chance to sing with Interscope records for Geffen too. Later she released her much-awaited single called “Drivers license”. 

Olivia Rodrigo Bio 

Name – Olivia Isabel Rodrigo 

Nickname – Olivia

Birthday – 20th February 2003

Father – Ronald Rodrigo 

Mother – Sophia Rodrigo

Profession – Actor, singer, dancer

Birthplace – California, USA

Zodiac sign – Leo

Ethnicity – mixed

Nationality – American

Religion – Christianity 

Weight – 55 kg

Height – 165 cm

Eye – Brown 

Hair color – Brown 

Networth – 4 million US dollars

Who is Olivia Rodrigo parents?

As per the official records name of Olivia Rodrigo parents are Sophia Rodrigo and Ronald Rodrigo. The father is Ronald while her mother is Sophia. Their parents of Olivia stay with her in California, USA. Olivia Rodrigo family is quite humble and polite in their public life. The same trait has been passed on to his daughter in terms of staying humble to all. She stayed with their parents in a place called Temecula, California. You must be thinking about the profession of Olivia Rodrigo dad and mother. 

Her mother is a school teacher. As per the media reports, her mother loves teaching children and adding wisdom to young kids. While Olivia Rodrigo dad is a therapist by profession. 

What is the Olivia Rodrigo ethnicity?

The descendants of oliva are not native to America. As per the official data Oliva Rodrigo father said about the actual nationality and ethnicity of their family. As per the statement, the great grandfather of Rodrigo, who was from the paternal side i.e (Olivia Rodrigo father) moved from the Philippines to America. Therefore Olivia Rodrigo ethnicity is mixed. His father is from the Philippines while the mother has ancestry of german as well as Irish. 

So, we can say that Olivia has a diverse and rich family tree. Hope you get the essential details of Olivia Rodrigo ethnicity and her family nationality background. 

Is Olivia Rodrigo father a Filipino? 

As per the family history, Olivia Rodrigo is a Filipino-American. Though she was born in Marietta, California his ancestors are from the Philippines. In a media report, the singer revealed about her descendants. She said that her great grandfather migrated from the Philippines to America long back. When Olivia Rodrigo father was young her grandfather brought all his family to the Philippines for better life and employment. After that, all the family grew up here and flourished as well as served America. But at the same time, Olivia Rodrigo dad is proud of her culture and tradition they got in heritage from their ancestors. They praised the diverse Filipino cuisine and cooking too. 

Olivia Rodrigo age, height, weight, body, etc 

There are a number of questions about the personal physical features that fans want to know. The questions such as how old is Olivia Rodrigo, how tall is Olivia Rodrigo, her favorite food, etc. 

What is Olivia Rodrigo age?

As per the wiki data, we have collected the answer of “how old is Olivia Rodrigo”. She was born on 20 Feb 2003. Currently, the age of Olivia Rodrigo is 19 years. She was born in California, USA. 

How tall is Olivia Rodrigo? 

The physical appearance of Olivia is quite attractive and she looks very much attractive. The video songs of her performing make fans crazy. So here we are telling the answer to the question of how tall is Olivia Rodrigo. 

Olivia height is 5.5 ft while in other metrics it is 165cm. Her personality is adored by the fans and critics too. 

Olivia Rodrigo relationship, dating, and husband

You won’t believe it if we tell you how old is Olivia Rodrigo? She is one of the elegant-looking singers in the music industry. She is young and talented. That is why she has dated three men. They are Ethan Wacker, Joshua Bassett, and Adam phase. 

Ethan Wacker 

As Olivia Rodrigo family is liberal and gives liberty to her in terms of choosing friends and relationships. Olivia and Ethan were dating each other in the wake of her popularity. As they were posting random photos on their social media accounts multiple times, fans thought they were dating each other. But after 2019 there were hardly any posts of her with Ethan on any social media platform such as Ethan Wacker Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. therefore the experts assumed that they separated happily without any issues and fights. 

Joshua Bassett 

The news about Olivia Rodrigo dating popular actor and singer Joshua Basset after meeting him in 2019. They met during the shooting of a high school musical. Though their relationship doesn’t go longer and couldn’t go more than one year. Though they are still very close friends but not in a relationship. 

Adam faze 

The recent talk of Olivia is that she is dating Adam Faze. as the photos went viral on the internet when shots were seen Adam and Olivia seen together at the Space Jam 2 premiere party in the year 2021. Adam Faze by profession is a famous movie director. It’s been gossip that Adam is said to be introduced as a boyfriend to Adam Faze at the party. Additionally, the photos of her kissing Adam also went viral on the internet which created a sensation among fans worldwide. The private photos confirmed the speculated relationship between her and Adam Faze. 

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