Nordic walking for the good health you were lacking

If you have heard of the term “ Nordic walking” then you must be knowing how beneficial it is, if not this article is just for you! Nordic walking fits in all categories, whether you want to lose weight, improve your health, protect your joints, or just have a nice sociable stroll. It is highly used for purposes like walking pole for knee pain, walking pole for travel, etc. 

It may not be as fashionable as running or cycling, but it provides a much more comprehensive workout and can help you stay healthy and productive for the rest of your life. Nordic walking, which involves propelling the body forward with a pair of specially shaped poles, has a number of physical and mental health benefits.

Nordic walking increases your heart rate by 10-15% more than regular walking, which will help you boost your cardio-pulmonary health. Nordic walking often distributes the burden across the entire body, making it feel less taxing than other types of exercise.


It is a good recommendation for those suffering from neck and shoulder pain. Neck and shoulder muscles become more usable with Nordic Walking. Extending the neck and spine also helps to enhance posture by releasing stress and increasing upper-body working. 

According to a study, it has been revealed that Nordic walking is quite effective compared to simple walking so as to control obesity and also overweight people. It is known to provide faster and effective results compared to other measures. 

Did you know physical exercise like Nordic Walking is as effective as antidepressants and is also considered as psychotherapy in treating mild to moderate depression? This indicates how important it is to add this to your daily regime. 

The proper use of Nordic walking poles enhances posture by lengthening the spine and more effectively distributing weight. Pushing through the poles stimulates the deep abdominal muscles as well as important back muscles. 

Also, according to the International Nordic Walking Federation, this type of walking promotes upper-body movement, which helps to keep the intervertebral discs lubricated.

Difference to keep in mind: 

Hiking or trekking poles :

These are usually used to provide stability for more difficult outings, which often take place on steep or rugged terrain. The handgrip is usually more ergonomic and larger in size. They can also have shock-absorbing fabrics and three parts that can be folded into a pocket rather than hanging on the outside.

Nordic walking poles:

As discussed are mostly used to increase calorie burn and provide upper-body exercise when hiking. They are typically slimmer in appearance and have a smaller handgrip. They usually have a brace that lets you loosen and snap the pole back to your hand after each stroke. Since they don’t fit well on hills, these are not the best walking pole for travel especially hiking. 

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