Netflix Review: The Best Streaming Service You Can Get!

Streaming movies and TV series online is the best way to spend your weekends. Out of all the streaming services, Netflix is the one that gets our attention.

Netflix is one of the best subscription-based streaming services on the market. It not only has a premium collection of movies, web series, and TV shows, but it also offers Netflix Originals content. The platform has a dedicated section for kids where they can watch children’s shows, cartoons, and anime.

If you want to know about this premium streaming service, then you should read our Netflix review below.

What Netflix offers?

You might ask yourself, why to subscribe to Netflix Mod when you have other cheaper alternatives available. There are certain things that Netflix does better than any other streaming service.

  1. Ultra HD quality content 

Netflix allows you to stream your favourite TV shows and movies in ultra-HD. The premium video quality is what makes it better than its peers. However, the video resolution may fluctuate based on your internet connection.

  1. Multiple subscription plans

Netflix has multiple subscription plans to choose from. Like other streaming platforms, it doesn’t offer a yearly subscription. Instead, it has a different monthly subscription. You must choose a plan based on the number of screens and video quality. The lowest subscription plan comes with a single screen and decent video resolution. On the other hand, the highest subscription plan gives you four screens along with the ultra-HD quality video.

  1. Massive library

Being a premium streaming service, Netflix has a huge collection of web series, movies, and TV shows. They add new content almost every week, so you can find something new to watch every time you log in. Besides, it also offers Netflix Original content. Some of the original content is highly rated by viewers and is worth watching.

  1. Variety of genres

There is no genre of movies that is not available on Netflix. From action to romance, horror to sci-fi, they have it all. You can check out the list of movie and TV show genres on the site itself. Netflix also has a good collection of documentary movies.

  1. Streaming service for kids

Netflix is one of the streaming services that also cater to young viewers. They have a dedicated section for kids where you can find a great selection of cartoons, anime shows, and more. This makes it the perfect streaming platform for kids.

  1. User-friendly interface

It also features a very neat and organised interface. Even if you are using Netflix for the first time you will find it easy to use. You can easily browse through the different movie categories. The advanced search function allows you to look for the movies and shows you want to watch.


  • Ultra HD streaming
  • Excellent collection
  • Easy to use
  • Subtitles available
  • Mobile app available
  • Organised and clutter-free interface


  • Pricier than other streaming services

Final Words

Netflix is undeniably a great streaming service. If you are a big movie buff like us you should get your Netflix subscription today. Even though it is kind of pricey, it is worth every penny.

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