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MrBeast Burger is expanding rapidly and has got big plans for the future. MrBeast opened 300 MrBeast Burger outlets overnight in December and has planned a lot for the future to help restaurants. He also has started expanding internationally in nearby countries.

In MrBeast video titled “I Opened A Restaurant That Pays You To Eat At It”, he told about his future plans and said he will be soon opening MrBeast Burger outlets across the globe. He also recently tweeted that they have now 420 restaurants and that they have their first international restaurant in Canada.

He already has taken the fast food industry by storm and will even disrupt the market to a large extent in the future. When they launched, MrBeast Burger delivery app it was trending number 1 surpassing other major fast food chain delivery apps. I hope you have already imagined how he is planning to disrupt the fast food market but let’s see what are his plans and how is he going to execute them.

Future Plans of MrBeast Burger

If you don’t know much about MrBeast Burger, first let me give you a little introduction about it. MrBeast opened his brand MrBeast Burger by partnering with VDC (Virtual Dining Concepts). VDC partners with restaurants and tells them to maximize their capacity and chefs. Then they give them all the resources required and restaurants make a profit of 30% profit.

When he opened his first restaurant in North Carolina everyone thought that it was just his another philanthropic act for his YouTube videos where he was paying money to everyone to eat burgers at the restaurant. But then soon he took to his social media handles and announced that he has opened 300 restaurants overnight across different locations across the country.

There was a very overwhelming response to every food on the beast burger menu during the initial launch. His manager told that every restaurant was receiving more than 1000 orders due to which people were getting their order late more than 2-3 hours as they had fewer delivery men. Some customers even complained that their orders were raw and overcooked.

In this video, “I Opened A Restaurant That Pays You To Eat At It” he told at the end that they are currently across 300 locations across the USA and promised that he would be opening his restaurants across the globe very soon.

Then on 11 March, he took to twitter and announced that we have now 420 restaurants. He also added that they have opened first international restaurant in Canada and you can order through their deliver app or other platforms.

In Canada, they have MrBeast Burger across 5 locations which are 950 King Street West, 736 Sussex Mews, 1071 King Street West, and 325 Front Street West. Then he recently said that have even more outlets than In-N-Out in less than 3 months.

Even the world’s largest cloud kitchen Rebel foods have nearly 1500 restaurants and it was founded in 2011. You can guess how fast MrBeast Burger is expanding. They opened 420 restaurants in less than 3 months. He first used his YouTube channel analytics to launch his first 300 restaurants.

He is earning a profit of $17k per day and simultaneously helping the restaurants which were hit by the pandemic. He has always did something unique and creative that no one do. His this move will also inspire other YouTubers and influencers to start their own virtual restaurants.

This is just the beginning of MrBeast Burger and the future will be much brighter for him when he even adds more items to the menu and improve the quality of food even more. When he starts stepping into the international market, many fast-food chains will be disrupted and his restaurant may become the next McDonald’s, Steak ‘n House and In-N-Out.

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