Mon Laferte Topless – All the Political Protests at the Latin Grammys

The shocking news Mon Laferte naked in front of the media, Mon Laferte exposed her breasts in the award ceremony and maximum people protest and they face water cannons too just because of her, in which 20 people died, the shameful Mon Laferte topless pictures and they want to know why Mon Laferte naked front of all the people, read the exact story in the below article.

In this article you will know the exact story about Mon Laferte topless, and Mon Laferte’s pictures too, so slide down to know more about it.

Mon Laferte is a singer and a songwriter too who is mostly known as a Chilean artist on Spotify worldwide.

Chilean singer Mon Laferte naked at the award ceremony, when she was walking on the red carpet then suddenly Mon Laferte exposed her breast in front of the camera, media, and other people during a broadcast ceremony, and you know what that Mon Laferte has an anti-government demonstrators support in her country.

The 36 years old who is a songwriter and singer too, made her silent protest against all police, military, brutality on Thursday night when she was walked on the red carpet in Las Vegas.

The exact situation of Mon Laferte Latin Grammy 2019, that is Mon Laferte walking on the red carpet then suddenly Mon Laferte opened her black jacket to reveal her tattoo, that is on her breast. And on her breast, the tattooed text is,” En Chile torturan violan y matan” and the English translation of this tattoo is “In Chile, they torture, rape and kill”.

When the people saw this news, they become crazy, they started a protest over political exclusion and economic inequality has hounded Chile for more than a month now.

And the saddest thing is that more than 20 people died in this situation, and 5 of them at the hand of state forces who were also accused of rape, torture, and violence.

 Plus 100 people are blinded after a shot with pellet guns by riot police, and the 1000 people arrested by the police who released after some time of this protest.

When Mon Laferte in Latin Grammy 2019, she was nominated for an award for best alternative albums, and that song was dedicated to people who live in Chile. And after some time Mon Laferte posted an image on her Instagram which clicked on the Latin Grammy ceremony and she mentions the caption it is, my body free for a homeland.

Other many musicians, sportsmen, celebrities, and women have spoken about this situation, they have shown their expression for Mon Laferte Topless news, and those celebrities support the protest.

And in end, the protesters won their protest on Friday when the national congress agreed that they hold a referendum, and next year they replaced the constitution.

Mon Laferte naked protest worked who is against the rapist, violence, and other people who harm the women. Go and slide down to check Mon Laferte pictures with that tattoo which she wrote on her body.

This is Mon Laferte naked picture.

Mon Laferte naked picture, when she walking on the red carpet.

This is a very big protest for all of them which happen in Las Vegas, so go and read all above article in which you find the exact story of Mon Laferte pictures and incidence in which Mon Laferte naked.

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