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MK library is a website that offers a comprehensive collection of information and facts that provide users with valuable details and attributes that are helpful with day-to-day lives. The website focuses on essential topics that are most common use regularly. Such as gadgets, which have become the most used devices today. Along with these types of devices are the capacity to store data which are beneficial to users. It’s a relief that MK library has the best micro sd card direction and guidelines to understand micro SD card usages. With Lexar positioning itself as the top SD card used for most devices.

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With all the transactions people do nowadays, whether online or offline, storing various files is the most common device usage. Given the limited amount of storage on smartphone devices and other smart gadgets, SD cards and micro SD cards have taken on the role of portable storage extenders. Hence, MK library understands the importance of knowing what type or size of micro SD cards suits devices because micro SD cards are an integral support tool to push the limits of smart technology devices.

Here are the best micro SD cards for devices:

Android Phones

A high-capacity Micro SD card is the best Micro SD card for phones. 

Particularly for cards with A1. An A1 card runs applications extremely fast, Useful for users who play mobile games. 

Lexas High-Performance 633x 512GB Micro SDXC UHS-I Card with SD Adapter (LSDMI512BBNL633A)


Using a DJI Mavic 2 Pro or a similar drone suggests: UHS-I Speed Grade 3 rating microSD card is needed for high-resolution video data due to fast read and writes rapidity. Card sizes officially supported by the Mavic 2 Pro are 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB.

It’s not a smart move to get anything less than 128GB– space issues, which could mean running out of space during a series. Here are some choices for the MicroSD:

Lexar Professional 1800x microSDXC 128GB UHS-II – LSDMI128CRBNA1800R

Samsung 128GB EVO Plus Class 10 Micro SDXC – MB-MC128DA/AM

GoPro Hero 9 Black

A few suggested cards have the highest dependability and acceleration ranks to capture that beautiful 5k footage without the GoPro going out at the wrong time:

  • Lexar Professional 1800x 128GB MicroSDXC – LSDMI128CBNA1800A
  • SanDisk 256GB Extreme microSDXC SDSQXA1-256G-GN6MA
  • SanDisk 400GB Extreme Pro Micro SDXC – SDSQXCZ-400G-GN6MA
  • Samsung Pro Endurance UHS-1 128GB – MB-MJ128GA/AM 

GoPro Hero 7 Black

With the power to record 4k video and RAW, fast Micro SD cards are essential.

The GoPro Hero 7’s use Micro SD cards up to 256GB in size.

  • Samsung EVO Select 256GB – MB-ME256GA/AM
  • Samsung EVO Plus 256GB – MB-MC256GA/AM
  • Lexar 1000x microSDXC UHS-3 128GB – LSDMI128CBNL1000R
  • Samsung Pro Endurance UHS-I – 128GB

GoPro Hero 6, 5, and 4

These are the only card that supports UHS-II:

  • Lexar Professional 1000x micro SDXC 128GB UHS-II/U3 (Up to 150MB/s Read) W/USB 3.0 Reader Flash Memory Card LSDMI128CBNL1000R
  • Samsung PRO Select Micro SDXC Memory Card, 128GB, 95MB/s (MB-MF128DA/AM)
  • SanDisk Extreme PLUS Micro SDXC UHS-1 Card, Black, with Adapter (SDSQXWG-128G-ANCMA)

Lexar Micro SD cards appear to be the best micro SD card for GoPro.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch corresponds to Micro SD cards up to 2TB in size.

Dash Cams

With Micro SD cards for dashcams, dependability and tolerance to temperature are the key factors to consider. 

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