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Have you ever encountered a question that does not make sense to you or a question that seems to have no answer? For sure, in one way or another, you have tried answering a nonsensical or rhetorical question, only to find no answer because they only stimulate thoughts but do not provide actual answers.

This article will provide examples of impossible questions to answer according to the site FunFactoday. 

  1. If you enjoy time-wasting, did you really waste time?

This question must probably spring from a quote from Bertrand Russell, a truth-seeker and bright philosopher, “Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” John Lennon was also known to use this quote. Going back to the question, it does not have a definite answer but can be answered differently from person to person based on their experience. One may enjoy doing nothing and consider it not a waste of time, but one may find wasting time doing nothing as absurd, and well, a waste of precious time. There is no concrete response to this question.

  1. Assuming nothing is impossible, is it impossible for anything to be possible?

An American philosopher and logician named William Van Orman Quine contended that this statement is illogical since impossibility and possibility are modal notions, and twofold in the typical construction. 

  1. What is the color of the mirror? 

Many people argue that the mirror is silver because of its glass body or white, or colorless, or it simply reflects the color it is reflecting. 

  1. If you attempt to fail and triumph, which did you actually achieve?

It is difficult to answer this query. Did you fail? Did you succeed? 

Again, there is no fixed response to this query. This question was asked on the site Quora, and a Ph.D. student in personal financial economics named Eli Lucas answered that the accurate response relies on an individual’s definition of failure and triumph.

  1. Why does rain drop and snow fall?

While this question seems unanswerable to some, some have cracked the code of this inquiry. It all boils down to density. Since rain is denser as compared to snow, hence, it drops. But true, this question cannot be easily answered at first encounter.

  1. Why the word is “abbreviated” long?

This question is a little bit sarcastic but esoteric in a sense because the word “abbreviate” means “to shorten” yet the word “abbreviation” is lengthy. According to its word origin, the word “abbreviated” is derived from the Latin term “ad Brevis” which means “to shorten.” 

  1. Why is rush hour used to refer to the time of the day with the slowest traffic?

This question is somewhat funny because it presents a paradox, calling rush hour for slow traffic. The other term for rush hour is peak hour. The term rush hour is said to be a misnomer because the term does not coincide with the description of the situation. After all, the term rush signifies the bulk of traffic and not the speediness of the movement.

These are some of the questions that at first encounter, they boggle your mind. There are no definite answers, though there may be personal opinions. Find out more of these impossible questions in FunFactoday.

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Last modified: November 1, 2021

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