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Michele Morrone, the lead star of  “365 days”, the popular erotic thriller Netflix movie. The movie role and quintessential physique have exponentially created hype in the youth. Michele Morrone is one of the hottest celebrities to be searched online. Though it is not only him, Michele Morrone wife is also becoming a hot potato over the internet. 

Therefore in this article we are going to know some interesting facts and trivia about Michele Morrone. We will also try to answer some of the questions regarding Michele Morrone wikipedia such as; Who is Michele Moroone Wife , What is Michele morrone age ? , Michele Morrone net worth , michele morrone girlfriend , michele morrone family, Is michele morrone married ? etc

Name– Michele Morrone

Born – 3 october,1990 

Age – 30 years

Relationship – Divorced (2008)

Michele morrone wife – Rouba Saadeh (divorced)

Michele Morrone kids – Two 

Nationality – Italian 

Profession – Acing, modeling, singing and Fashion designer 

Michele Morrone net worth – $5 million dollar

michele morrone height in feet – 6.23 ft

Who is Michele Morrone? 

Michele Morrone is an Italian actor, who came into the limelight for his erotic role on Netflix for “365 days”. Though it is a polish movie, it has mostly Italian artists, who acted in English. According to various websites people have not like the plot of the movie “365 days” due to the unfit caste and promoting rape culture in teh movie. But any kind of controversy is always a boon for celebrities to become more popular than before. Michele Morrone family and parents are from Italy. According to Michele Morrone Wikipedia, he said in a media report that he wants to work hard as he used to before getting famous and looking forward as an actor towards his career. 

When it comes to physical appearance he has a tall figure. According to michele morrone wikipedia , michele morrone height in feet is 6.23ft. 

What is Michele Morrone Age?

The Italian machismo, Michele Morrone age is 30 years and according to michele Morrone biography ,he has just started to grow as an actor in his 30’s. Michele Morrone age is defined by his young looks, that attracts a slumping number of fans over his social media account. 

Is Michele Morrone married? Who is Michele Morrone wife?

Yes, definitely the answer for the question “ Is Michele Morrone Married ?” Yeah the couple is married. If we talk about Michele Morrone family then we must start with his wife. According to Michele Morrone biography, Michele Morrone wife is Rouba Saadeh. At the age of 24 he got married to Rouba . If we provide details about Michele Morrone kids , He has two kids from his wife Rouba. But unfortunately  the marriage lasted only for 4 years. Later in 2018 the couple got divorced and ended up separated . 

Was Michele Morrone dating during his marriage? |What is the name of Michele Morrone girlfriend?

Various media reports have posted articles regarding his alleged relationship with Elena D’Amario, a ballet dancer from Italy and said that Michele Morrone girlfriend is the reason behind his divorce. Though he clarified in his interview that his divorce has nothing to do with the topic “Michele Morrone girlfriend”, but later he posted over Instagram he is taking a divorce from his wife. 

Top Unknown facts about Michele Morrone –

  1. Michele is an amazing singer. People know Michele Morrone from his acting and sizzling on screen appearances, but few people have encountered his singing skills. He is an excellent singer cum musician. You can experience her amazing singing talent in her debut album “Dark Room”. For additional information in the movie “365 days” one of his album songs is featured, which people have also appreciated over several social media platforms. There at least for once you must check out wonderful music over youtube.
  2. The protagonist of “365 days“ surprisingly worked as a gardener during his struggling days at a villa in the countryside of Italy. But the struggling days are long gone and now Michele Morrone net worth is pretty high. 
  1. Information from michele morrone wikipedia, michele morrone kids are co parented by their parents. The couple understand the meaning of separated parents repercussions, therefore they take responsibility for their kids together. We must appreciate the calibration between the couples even after their divorce. The names of michele morrone kids are Marcus and Brando Morrone, for information both of them are boys.
  1. Michele Morrone , the underconfident actor. We must acknowledge, Michele is a hard working lad. We can say this by looking at his acting skills in “365 days”, but this confidence was not before his success. Actor was rethinking about his role in the movie “365 days” but came up with flying colors after the reviewers appreciated his acting in the movie. 
  1. Michele is also surprisingly an impressive painter. When he shared his paintings on his instagram page , fans went crazy and flooded his post with comments after looking at his painting skills. 
  1. Michele Morrone height in feet is 6+ feet, not only reflects how tall he is, but he also defines how he maintains an amazing chiseled body with defined abs that look sizzling on screen. 

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