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If you are a person who keeps aware himself /herself of the events around the globe, then you must have heard about Michael Lofthouse, who has been in the news for his racist remarks. Michael Lofthouse was a CEO of a big tech giant company Solid8 . The value of the solid8 Michael Lofthouse net worth is pretty high. Read the article about Michael Lofthouse biography, Michael Lofthouse girlfriend, solid8 michael lofthouse net worth, michael lofthouse linkedin, tech ceo michael lofthouse.

Before knowing about the Michael lofthouse controversy. Michael Lofthoue, where is he now? ,we will look into tech ceo michael lofthouse life precisely on the following topics 

Michael Lofthouse Biography : 

Name – Michael lofthouse

Age-  data N/A

Height- 5ft 8 inch

Weight- 82kg 

Profession – Ex tech ceo michael lofthouse

Company – solid8 founder 

Relationship – data N/A

Citizenship- British

Ethnicity-  white

Religion- Christanity 

Michael lofthouse linkdin- https://www.linkedin.com/company/solid8 

Who is Michael Lofthouse?

Michael Lofthouse is british business and founder of tech giant service company called Solid8. He is a rich business man with a lavish lifestyle. Solid8 Michael Lofthouse net worth is quite high since he owns a big technological services company. 

What is Michael Lofthouse, solid8 San Francisco net worth?

There are various assumptions floating over the internet about the solid8 san francisco net worth but the veracity of the information cannot be verified. Therefore we cannot give you the exact figures but reporters after speculating michael lofthouse linkedin profile and profit reports that Solid8 ceo has inflated solid8 san francisco net worth net worth. 

Michael Lofthouse girlfriend

Michael Lofthouse has been seen a couple of times with several ladies but we cannot confirm his relationship. Thus we cannot put a confirmation on the Michael Lofthouse girlfriend and his kin. Though it is quite rigid information that Michael Lofthouse marriage has not happened till date. 

What is Michael Lofhouse’s background ?

From detailed reports of  Michael Lofthouse Biography we found out that he is a British citizen. While remaining in England he had worked for mega tech companies like HP (Hewlett Packard) and IBM. After moving into the United States he worked as a salesman for reputed software companies like Appdynamics, inkling and BMC. According to his Linkedin page he has written about him as “has broad experience in the US & UK cloud Technology markets”.  solid8 san francisco net worth is quite good when compared to the market value of a popular ceo of a tech software company. 

Michael lofthouse solid8, company

The software company of michael lofthouse solid8 is a uk based company. It is a software based firm that offers a range of services for the customers who want softwares based solutions. Some of the major services offered by Michael Lofthouse solid8 company are Telemarketing, Customer services, Sales, Admin, Policy, Business Process Review, product management, Phone answering, etc.

Michael Lofthouse Racist viral video 

tech ceo michael lofthouse has been in controversy due to his viral video. He had been seen in a viral video slurring racist remarks on some asian group of people at a restaurant. On july 4, 2020 tech ceo Lofthouse was filmed abusing racist comments to an Asian family at a restaurant called bernardus lodge hotel in california. The Asian family was celebrating their birthday when suddenly Michael Lofthouse started hurling racist comments .He shouted “Trump’s gonna fuck you . You fucking need to leave this restaurant. You fucking piece of Asian Shit”. The video was shot and then became viral over the internet that caused him to resign from CEO post and also issued a public apology for his ill activities that day. 

Michael lofhouse apologized 

Michael Lofthouse has apologized for his objectionable racist remarks over the asian family. He said “This was clearly a moment where I lost control and made incredibly hurtful and divisive comments. I Would like to deeply apologize to the Chan Family”. 

When Michael Lofthouse was jailed ?

According to the news reports he has also been sentenced for days for his shameful act. In 2016 of July month Michael Lofthouse was charged for vandalism and found guilty for it. He had to serve 2 days in prison for this lunatic act  because he was on probation for 3 years and had to serve 80 hours of community service. 

Petitions for Racism

With the racist incident of Michael Lofthouse debates started about the rising racism incidents in America. People started discussing the viral video of michael lofthouse linkedin profile and michael lofthoue solid8 brand image. People started a petition over change.org for the resignation of Michael Lofthouse and had surmounted a total of 23,000 signatures in support.  Under the huge burden of public anger and rage Michael Lofthouse resigned from the post of Ceo of solid8. 


After Trump came into power, we have seen a huge surge in racial incidents in America. The right politician has only made the living conditions of Black people, Asian people, etc towards the corner. While people like Michael Lofthouse have only made the situations more grave and deplorable. 

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