Methods to remove activate windows watermark

In this blurb, I’m going to elaborate you a lively and trouble-free way to eradicate the activated Windows watermark. We should mark the problem before digging in for the solutions. Why we are cladding with this infuriating issue is the most crucial question here.

Let’s discuss it briefly if the watermark appears on your desktop window screen it’s actually a symbol of warning for you that means your windows license or activation period has been expired. If you ever confront such kind of situation, you must require an authentic windows product key to remove activate windows watermark. In this scenario, you can’t put any random key searched from the internet or those product keys which has been used already.

It’s advisable to procure the windows serial number from the official Microsoft outlet and you can also negotiate with authenticated Microsoft license holder sellers. You should be really cautious about some sellers who are selling a cracked version of this software at a lesser price as compared to the original version.

  Dissimilarity in activated windows

If we articulate about the two possible outcomes of the activated windows version there is not much dissimilarity. When we remove activate windows watermark the pop-up screen stops showing water mark notification. You can personalize a variety of wallpapers, themes, and all kinds of updates on the activated version. Few Microsoft applications are also unlocked on activated windows but the rest of the features remains the same on both versions.

Trouble free methods to gid rid of windows water mark

These simple ways are gift for those users who cannot afford to purchase the valid product serial number. You can get rid of the irritating pop-up water mark notification if you follow the instructions and methods which I am going to narrate below.

  • Go to the start menu of your windows and then search for control panel.
  • Open the desktop version of control panel application.
  • Go for the ‘’ease of access center’’ option showing on the current interface.
  • Now  this access option will take you to the next screen you have to click on the ‘’make the computer easier to see’’
  • At the bottom of the screen there is an option of remove background.
  •  Click ok and reboot your windows system to safely apply the changes you have recently made.
  • After rebooting your system water mark will not be popping up on your window screen any more.

This method is also quite helpful to remove activate windows watermark. I will elucidate this method in a simple way so that everyone can easily conceive these steps.

  • First of all open the start menu and type task scheduler in the search box.
  • Open it and move the cursor to the top left side of the window then click on create a basic task.
  • Now name the task as remove watermark for your ease and click on next.
  • On the next screen there are seven different options you have to select “When the computer starts” and proceed further by clicking on Next.
  • Now at this stage, the wizard will provide you three options and you must select “Start a program” then click next.
  • In the next step you have to select the file manually from your computer. For that click on browse and select the ‘removewatermark.bat’ file.
  • At the final step click ‘Finish’.


I tried my level best to elucidate these two methods to remove activate windows watermark in a Smuch-refined manner so that even low intellect people can get maximum boon out of this and practically implement it in a better way. Your feedback and criticism is always welcome.

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Last modified: June 22, 2021

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