Men with Thin Hair Should Try These Mens Haircuts Styles

You cannot have the hair shape, form, or color of your choice, but you can choose the best men’s haircuts styles to fit your hair type. Thin hair can be frustrating sometimes, especially if you want to style it for occasions like a guys’ night out, a cooperate, or a business meeting. 

However, thin hair does not matter because whether thin or thick, there are many mens haircuts styles to try. Our list has some hairstyles for men with thin hair that you can try. Some of the styles make the hair look thicker. 

  1. Quiff

Did you know there are men’s haircuts that allow you to rock more than one haircut variation? Well, we are talking about a quiff haircut. A quiff haircut is a combination of a pompadour and flattop. Some people also add Mohawk for more style. This style gives a man a bold and edgy look, which comes with a lot of confidence. The barber shaves the hair on the sides and leaves the top longer. The style suits people with Mohawk well. 

  1. Try A Cowlick

Do not stress about your thin hair if you have not tried the cowlick style. According to MensHaircuts, the name sounds funny, right? A cowlick haircut is characterized by one side that is licked up to stand out from the rest of the head. Your hair will resemble a mini-Mohawk. You need hair gel or spray to keep the style in position. 

  1. Short But Stylish

Thin hair is not fun to maintain, and most men end up cutting it. If you plan on cutting your thin hair, you can do it in style. Do not bald shave your head. You can get some fading cut on the sides, leaving some volume on the top. This look is easy to care for. 

  1. Simple And Easy

Looking for something that will not waste your time in the morning styling, well you would like simple mens haircuts. No one wants to struggle with hairstyles every day when getting ready for work. Get the short and simple cuts and make your thin hair stand out. Although you are jealous of people with thick hair, they are surprisingly jealous of you with thin hair because of how you style it. 

  1. Mid-Length Cuts

Mid-length cuts never go wrong with any hair type, not even thin hair. Leave your hair to grow longer. Comb the hair from the center of the head towards the front to get a fringe. The fringe has layers, and layered hair adds texture, making the hair thicker than it is. 

  1. Modern But Trendy

Have you seen guys skating with a layered crop? The haircut is characterized by cutting the sides of the head short and letting the hair at the top remain longer. This adds texture to your crop because of the layers and bangs. More volume in hair means it will look less thin. 

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  1. Short And Messy

Today, people don’t care much when you wear messy hair. Furthermore, the best style for thin hair is one that adds volume to it. Making your hair into layers never disappoints when it comes to giving more volume. Leaving your hair messy is a perfect modern style that also adds layers. 

  1. Choose Bald

You have not run out of mens haircuts styles for thin hair if you have not tried balding. Let your barber cut all the hair and leave you with a clean head. A bald is easy to achieve, and you can wash and go. 

  1. Sweep It Under The Sides

Most owners of thin hair think that having thick hair is fun, so they want it. Pop hairstyles have been common throughout the decade, and you can try out the style before it becomes extinct. Your barber will give you a side cut, and the top hair will be swept towards one side. 

  1. Curly Fringe

How do you feel about guys in fringes? If you have curly but thin hair, this style is for you to try. Comb the front hair towards the forehead to get the fringe. You can comb the other curls to the sides and back to make the head shorter.  

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