Many reasons why a CBSE School Is Good for Your Child in a City Like Aurangabad?

Every parent goes through the dilemma of choosing a good school for his child. While there are many options available with regards to the school curriculum, CBSE tops all in India. A school’s curriculum is the most important criteria before choosing a school. CBSE or Central Board of Secondary Education is a standard integrated course designed by the Central Education Board of India. Since it is inclusive, affordable and standard throughout the country, it has become the most popular education board with over 20,000 schools affiliated with it. 

In a city like Aurangabad, the education scene has quite developed over the years, due to which you find a lot of renowned schools. Many of the top CBSE schools in Aurangabad are known for their impressive rankings in student performances in all areas. CBSE syllabus is approved by NCERT which is the National Council of Education Research & Training and is very comprehensive. All CBSE schools follow English and Hindi as their teaching language and with its presence throughout the country, people who are regularly shifting bases in different cities or states, select CBSE board as a natural choice. The syllabus is designed to develop a child with a holistic approach and hence the success rate of the same is extremely high. Let’s see a few reasons why it is a good choice for your child.

Higher success rate– The course is structured in such a way that it enhances the reasoning and analytical capabilities of the children. So, it becomes easy for them to apply the gained knowledge rather than memorizing everything. Hence the statistics say that CBSE has a higher success rate at the exams.

Regularly updated course– The CBSE syllabus is regularly updated according to the needs of the current times. With regular updating in course books in regard to the theories, practical subjects, this syllabus gives students the edge over others.

Practice-based education– CBSE, as a syllabus, is more practice-based with its learning structure oriented towards the application of knowledge. It is a perfect balance of theory and practical. Students become well-versed with the subject and gain hands-on knowledge rather than mugging up answers or practice rote learning. The constantly updated syllabus and international gained recognition are some of the main reasons why parents choose a CBSE school in Aurangabad.

Balanced education system– CBSE schools are known for their mixing of fun with the learning process and a balanced education system. Since the syllabus is structured to take the learning pressure off the students and induce them with the joy of learning, children remain more focused on all aspects of life. A lot of schools have introduced interactive learning to make it more engaging and to make studying interesting rather than look like a chore. Apart from regular educational subjects like maths, science and languages, other subjects like social skills, communication and analytical skills are integrated into the syllabus. The best CBSE schools in Aurangabad are constantly engaging students in extra-curricular activities like sports, dance, music, theatre, and debates alongside regular education. This gives a fair chance to all students to showcase their talent and get a proper platform to identify and hone their skills. 

CBSE provides a comprehensive balanced education in a healthy and congenial environment. Its holistic approach helps to develop essential knowledge and personality traits of a student. It is gaining recognition and reputation around top international universities enabling our students to pursue higher education and career goals.  So, if you are looking out for school admission, the best CBSE school in Aurangabad will be a good choice due to the many benefits it offers to your child for attaining success in personal and professional life. 

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Last modified: March 19, 2021

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