Male Cannabis Plants: Good for Nothing?

The male cannabis plant isn’t the most prized plant for most cultivators. The main issue here is that they do not produce flowers. Thus, they’re not usually worth wasting resources on.

This is why so many growers choose to purchase feminized cannabis seeds.

However, sometimes, home growers want to start a small grow operation. Since they’re not willing to spend the extra money on feminized seeds, they’re more willing to work with what they have.

This means male cannabis plants are almost guaranteed.

But what can you do with your male cannabis plants?

Male Cannabis Plant Uses

While male cannabis plants won’t flower, they’re not completely useless. Here’s a list of the most common ways to use your male plants:

1. Trimming Material

Some marijuana growers will harvest the large fan leaves from their male cannabis plants and use them as a source of trimming material for their actual flower.

This is especially true for growers of medical cannabis which requires a large amount of trimming to turn into medicine.

The plants are pretty much useless for other uses. But the fan leaves still have enough THC and CBD to be somewhat useful as a form of medical treatment.

2. Pollination Service

While female cannabis plants produce seedy, smokable flowers, they do not produce seeds without being pollinated by a male plant beforehand. So, in order to grow a large crop of seeds, males have their place.

3. Add the Leaves to Food

While the leaves from female plants are prized for their ability to produce a psychoactive effect on the user, male cannabis plants can offer their own benefits as well.

Male leaves have been shown to work as an anti-inflammatory when consumed through various soups and stews. In fact, people in Thailand have been known to toss a few leaves in their recipes to add flavor and nutritious cannabinoids to their dishes.

You also have the option to make cannabis leaf tea. This tastes quite herby, but offers the benefits of cannabinoids found in the leaves.

4. Raising the pH of Soil

The leaves from male cannabis plants have been shown to be high in phosphorous. In excess, phosphorous can actually lower the overall pH level of a nutrient solution being used by your plants.

If you want to raise the overall pH level, toss a few male marijuana plant leaves into a bucket of your solution and let sit for 48 hours or so. After this, use the runoff water as a top dress to your female marijuana plants in need of an alkaline boost.

5. Male Pollen for Hash

Some people have reported having success at making hash from male cannabis plant matter. These users report using a food dehydrator that they’ve set to maintain a temperature of 130°F. Others have reported using the same technique, but with success when used in conjunction with ice water extraction.

6. Containers/Stakes

Some growers who choose to keep tomato plants will allow male cannabis plants to flower alongside their tomato plants. This is done because the male marijuana flowers provide a perfect shape for holding plant stakes.

Just use your scissors to snip off one of the main stalks and treat it like you would any other plant stake. The male cannabis plant doesn’t mind, and you can save yourself a few dollars.

7. Low-stress Training Material

Male marijuana plants can also be used as low-stress training (LST) material for new growers. To do this, simply tie down the main canopy using twine or masking tape. When the plant starts to grow again, you can continue to use your twine until you notice it’s starting to form an ugly knot where it meets the main stem.

At this point, simply snip away some of the lower branches and tie them down using the same technique as before. This strategy is great for those who’ve never trained before and want to start out with a low-key male marijuana plant.

Concluding on Male Cannabis Plants

While male cannabis plants aren’t most peoples’ top choice for large-scale grows, home growers can still use them. If you do decide the grow your male plants fully, make sure to keep them away from your females – unless you’re looking for high-quality seeds from a specific strain you’re growing, of course.

That’s all for now. We hope this article has revealed some new ways to use your male plants. Happy growing!

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Last modified: August 16, 2021

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