Looking For A Reliable Seller Of Dachshund Puppies In Singapore? Look No Further As William Goh Pet Farm Has Them For You

With their big round puppy eyes, short cute legs, andsweet and playful persona, who wouldn’t want to have their very own Dachshund?

Originally bred for hunting badgers and other wild game animals in Germany, Dachshunds or Weiner dogs as others might call themhave become these beloved dog all over the world because of their unusually long body that resembles a sausage, a shiny coat or sometimes a scruffy hair, droopy ears, short legs, round puppy eyes,and very proud gait. Oftentimes portrayed in movies and TV shows as this small dog with a lion heart, dachshund can at times be very aggressive towards other people and other small animals as they are originally, purposely bred that way.

Dachshunds come in many different colors, although the most notable ones could be brown, black, blue and tan, dapple and tan, and the iconic black and tan.They can be very loud and free-spirited at times, but as long as they are properly trained, anyone will be having a good time having one. They are very affectionate to their owners to a point that they get jealous and overprotective, but then again, these traits just make anyone love dachshund more.

Due to its popularity, breedersand pet shops always make sure that they can have a dachshund puppy for a person who is looking for one. And seeing how this breed has become very famous to a lot of different people,the dachshund puppies sell easy and at times looking for one night needs more effort than what you think.

Speaking of which, if you happen to reside in Singapore and are one of those people who are currently looking for a quality Dachshund puppy for sale, then William Goh Pet Farm can help you with that. William Goh Pet Farm breeds dachshunds and sells quality dachshund puppies at a very reasonable price. With over 40 years of experience inbreeding dogs, they assure each and every buyer that all the puppies they sell are healthy and of good quality. In William Goh Pet Farm, they believe that good quality puppies startfrom selecting good quality parents, that is why they make sure that all the dams and sire they used for breeding is always healthy and owns the good physical qualities of what a dachshund should have.As they have been in the industry for quite a long time, they have gone through different kinds of breeding situations to know what it takes to produce high-quality puppies for people to love and enjoy. Aside from that, they also provide tips and lessons about responsible pet ownership and proper care of the puppies to make sure that the puppy they sell is in good condition, whoever might have bought them.

William Goh Pet Farm also breeds and sells other dog breeds such as Cavapoo and Corgi. To know more about them and their puppies, you can go and visit their farm or visit their website to help you decide if they are the right one for you.

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