List of Commercial Janitorial Services for Post-COVID Office Opening

The COVID-19 pandemic is almost ending and life is getting back on track. Commercial places are opening with full occupancy but we cannot ignore the threat completely. Offices and manufacturing units can be the hotspots if there are no precautionary measures. Along with following social distancing protocols, you also need to pay attention to the janitorial services. Companies offering commercial janitorial services in Dallas are also adding post-covid cleaning packages. When you open a business unit after such a long time of lockdown, a messed up situation is obvious. Moreover, the risk of pandemic spread also remains high. Therefore, it is advisable to customize your service list by adding some important features as we are mentioning below. 

1. Clean and disinfect the entire area

Get a full cleaning package that  should include a move-out cleaning process. It means the professionals of commercial janitorial services of Dallas will move out all the furniture and other equipment from the office and clean every single corner efficiently. From floor to roof, everything should be included in the package. Work area, conference hall, kitchen, washroom carpets and furniture should be on your checklist of a thorough cleaning. After that, request them to treat the entire area with disinfectant. 

2. Install a full-body sanitization machine on the gate 

Find an agency of commercial cleaning services in McKinney providing the option of full-body sanitization gate installation. Install it on the entrance gate and make sure that nobody is entering without full body sanitization. 

3. Sanitizer dispensers near every hotspot 

Figure out the hotspots and place hand sanitizer dispensers there. In every work location, there must be some areas where the threat of viral and bacterial infection spread remains high. In order to keep people aware of sanitization’s importance, use stickers of warnings and instructions. It is advisable to install contactless dispensers to maintain adequate hygiene. 

4. UV disinfection service

Ultraviolet radiation is a proven sterilizer for viruses including COVID-19 too. Ask the janitorial services provider to install powerful UV lamps and make sure that their light is approachable throughout the workplace. Turn on these lamps for a few minutes every day when nobody is inside the building because ultraviolet radiation may cause serious health issues.

How to find a reliable janitorial services agency

  1.  Make sure that they are capable of providing all sanitization services altogether. 
  2. You need their janitorial services on a regular basis. Therefore, the price must be reasonable. 
  3. Their staff must be covered by a feasible insurance policy including COVID treatment. 

This information will surely help you in figuring out a reliable and affordable janitorial services provider. Choose a company offering a customizable services package. 

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