List of 6 Lucky International Lottery Winners From India

As soon as you hear of someone winning a lottery, you can’t help but fantasize about something like this for yourself. While it’s a game of sheer luck, some stories can still live up to inspire you to try lotteries. With the advent of digitalization and internet connectivity, it has become seamless to partake in the lottery system without having to step out of your home. 

Such are the stories of these 6 Indians who were able to amass a significant chunk of money in one go. 

Sandeep ‘Sunny’ Singh — the winner of $30.5 Million in Mega Millions Lottery 

The 22-year bachelorette Sandeep Singh, often called by his nickname “Sunny” is perhaps the youngest lottery winner from India. And the story behind his success seems no less than an interesting movie plot. 

A heartbroken young fellow was all devastated when his girlfriend dumped him. However, Lady luck made it by his side when he invested his $4 reward earned from a scratch-off game to buy four entries into the International Mega Millions Lottery in 2012. Well, this proved to be the best decision of his life! 

Sandeep Singh hit the jackpot of $61 million, which was split between him and the other winner. Herein he earned a lump sum of $30.5 million, out of which he received $23 million after the tax deductions.  

With his newfound fortune, Sandeep paid off his debts, and the rest decided to donate some amount to the charity funds.

Ushakiran Patel — won $1 million in US Powerball

Ushakiran Patel was yet another Indian to bag a whopping $1 million in the International US Powerball lottery. She was not one of the many lottery enthusiasts obsessing over buying lottery tickets. Yet, the 62-year old retiree made it to the big win in March 2018, matching the following five numbers: 06-13-19-36-51. 

Owing to her selection of lucky numbers to play, Mrs. Patel took home an amount of $633040 (after the tax deduction), which further made up for her happy retirement. 

Balraj Awasthi — the Lotto 6/49 lottery winner

February 2017 changed the life of Balraj Awasthi— a Canada-based chef who won the Lotto 6/49 jackpot. This Indian heritage International lottery winner planned to use the money to fulfill his lifelong dream of owning a business. Well, that was not all Mr. Awasthi wished for. Traveling the world was always on the top of his bucket list, with Europe and Australia being his favorite destinations. 

Nandlall Mangal— the winner of $245.6 million in US Powerball

Nandlall Mangal, a frequent lottery ticket buyer, perhaps never thought that his quick picks would bring him a jackpot of $245.6 million in the US Powerball draw in 2018. 

This 42-year old construction worker bought his $6  lottery ticket and matched it with the following winning numbers: 5, 43, 56, 62, 68. 

Hereby Nandlall received an amount of $99,321,975, which he later assigned to the Sea and Sand trust. 

However, Mr. Mangal nowhere got mega plans to devour his funds. He only wished to travel to Hawaii; hence, a trip to the tropics is where he spent lavishly.

C.J. — won €32,161 in Austria Lottery

Although there has not been much accounting about C.J online, he/she has been a loyal lottery player purchasing tickets since 2017. But it was in November 2018, C.J won a grand prize of €32,161 in the Austria Lottery. 

This anonymous Indian lottery winner successfully matched the following winning numbers: 20, 25, 29, 32, 37, 44 and bagged the second prize of the lottery. What’s interesting to know is that C.J was just one guess away from the jackpot. Nonetheless, he still earned a lump sum of money.

Nirmal Dhamodarasamy — won $1 million in US Powerball

While Nirmal Dhamodarasamy was studying to build a secured career, luck had something better for this 23-year-old Indian bachelor. This all came through when the graduate student at the University of Illinois at Chicago chose to buy the subscription to the US Powerball. 

Favored by luck in February 2016, Dhamodarasamy won the Powerball lottery, matching the winning numbers: 04, 13, 31, 36, 52, and a Powerball number 08. 

With his big win, Nirmal planned to pay for his family’s visit from India to Chicago on his graduation day as an industrial engineer.  It was all a win-win situation!


Lotteries are everything about luck and chance. And the stories of these 6 Indian lottery winners tell us that luck has no rules. It’s all in what you believe and strives towards. So go on trying your luck with the fascinating lottery industry. You never know what fate has in store for you!

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Last modified: April 1, 2021

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