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From a 10-year-old church rapper to the best-known American rapper Lil Poppa was born in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. Lil Poppa age is 21 years as of now and has released his latest album (Blessed, I Guess) in May 2021. He made a piece of music named “Purple Hearts” which recaps the incident of a shootout, which took the lives of his friends. Ignoring Lil Poppa age, he never failed to impress his fans at a young age. Lil Pappa’s video “Eternal Living” has gained 29M views on YouTube till 20th July 2021. Isn’t it amazing…!!!! I know you must be curious to know more about this young star rapper. Let’s get into his other information. Scroll down with your heart…!!!

So, what is in the library today?? We will discuss Lil Poppa age, Lil Poppa Net worth, Lil Poppa real name, where is Lil Poppa from, Lil Poppa Bio, Lil Poppa Instagram, Lil Pappa Girlfriend. Surprised…??? You are not ready for this. Let’s go…!!!

Let’s give a quick look at Lil Poppa Bio. Keep Scrolling…!!!

Name Lil Poppa
Birthdate 18th March, 2000
Age 21
Place of birth Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Relationship Status Single
Instagram @thatboypoppa

A fascinating story about his hard work was that he composed a recording studio in his room and began recording his lyrics. Lil Poppa age was just six when he started rapping and releases his first album named “Life In Da Jungle” ( on 9th November 2009. Continuing with this, Lil Poppa released his blockbuster songs “Purple Hearts” and “Nightmare on Elm Street” which leads him to work with Interscope Records. 

How old is Lil Poppa? Lil Poppa Age- Any guesses…!! Let me reveal.

Lil poppa is 21 years old, and he celebrates his birthday on the 3rd of August each year. He has turned 21 years old recently on 18th March 2000. So, now you all know How old is Lill Poppa. This much success at this age, only his near one knows how much struggle and hard work he has done. 

Did you know Lil Poppa real name? I know many of you even don’t have any clues about this.

Lil Poppa developed his rapping skills under the guidance of his elder brother. At 10, he started rapping in church and then turning away from religious music at 12; he chooses his path of rapping. 

His childhood nickname moniker inspired his name, ‘Lil Poppa’. Now, let me reveal Lil Poppa real nameLil Poppa real name is “Janarious Mykel Wheeler”. A long name, right…!! But this is interesting.

Let’s discuss Lil Poppa’s birthplace. Anyone knows where is Lil Poppa from? Disclosed below…!!!!

Lil Poppa was born in Jacksonville, Florida, the United States on 18th March 2000. He is still living in Jacksonville. If you want to meet him, just go on a ride to Jacksonville.

As many of you don’t know that, Lil Poppa in an interview said, he is antisocial and likes to be an introvert. He also added that he hopes people will not misunderstand him. The interview was released in 2020. 

Have you followed Lil Poppa on any of the social media platforms? Let’s check Lil Poppa Instagram.

Lil Poppa has maintained his presence on various social media platforms, where he likes to inform his fans about his new releases. Lil Poppa Instagram id is @thatboypoppa ( As of now, he has gained 459k followers on Instagram and has gained 326k subscribers on YouTube ( That’s enormous right…!! A huge fan following at 21 of age. God bless him.

Is Lil Poppa in a relationship? Does anyone have seen Lil Poppa Girlfriend? Let’s checkout…!!

Currently, Lil Poppa is not dating anyone. Lil Poppa has shared nothing about his love life. As he has said in his interview, he always tries to keep things to himself only. But Lil Poppa Girlfriend is unrevealed. As of now, we do not have any information about his love life.

Do you have any idea about Lil Poppa Net worth? Scroll… Scroll… Scroll.

Lil Poppa’s hard work and his passion is going to set him on the list of millionaires. His main earning source is his music. Lil Poppa Net worth is increasing year by year as he keeps on getting many sponsorships and live shows. 

According to some sources, Lil Poppa Net worth is estimated to be approx. $400,000 as of 2021 and he earns approx. $45,000 annually. We estimate that if he keeps on working like this only and keeps on giving hits in his music career, he will be more than huge by the end of 2021.


The story of this young age superstar is giving inspiration to many generations. Because starting at a tiny age, can bring you to early and strong success. Lil Poppa’s huge fan following is a proof that age is just a number and you only need a dream to follow. Your hard work will work as a pathway to achieve that dream. I will be back with a more inspirational article like this. Stay tuned… stay connected. 

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Last modified: July 21, 2021

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