Learn When You’ll Need to Replace Your Storefront Windows

The importance of a storefront window may not be something you think about, but the truth is, they matter a lot to your business. A strong storefront window design can be the thing that reels customers into your store!

Storefront windows don’t just matter for their looks, though. They do several other things, from providing insulation to blocking out noise. If your windows are compromised, it can lead to many problems down the road. 

To prevent you from facing those problems, we’ve compiled this short guide to explain when and why you should consider replacing your storefront windows!

How Old Are Your Storefront Windows?

Do you know the last time your windows were replaced? This question may seem trivial, but in actuality, it’s of critical significance.

Commercial storefront windows can last for up to forty years, but realistically they usually last somewhere between twenty and thirty years. If your property is brand new, you probably don’t have anything to worry about.

However, if you bought an existing property from somebody else, there’s a high probability your windows need replacing. 

How Are Your Utility Bills?

Have you noticed your energy bill climbing mysteriously? If your energy bill is significantly higher than it was in previous months, your storefront windows may be behind the rise. 

If your windows are less energy-efficient models, they may be ill-equipped to keep out cold air. When that air creeps into your store, it causes your HVAC system to fluctuate. 

Alternatively, your windows may be allowing too much warm sunlight into your store, causing the inside to heat up despite your AC unit’s best efforts. Either way, this fluctuation will show in your energy bills.

If you suspect this is the case, it’s best to replace your windows with more energy-efficient models. Also, keep your region’s climate in mind, as this is a vital factor in choosing the right storefront window model.

Are Your Windows Noticeably Damaged?

Cracks, warping, and outright broken windows are the most clear-cut sign that your windows need replacing. When considering your replacement windows, keep in mind what caused the damage to your previous windows.

Was it a one-off event, like somebody purposefully shattering the windows? Did it occur as a result of a foundational shift or harsh climate factors? If your windows are currently too weak to withstand ongoing difficulties, make sure you replace them with windows that can handle the task. 

Do Your Windows Fit Your Look?

Every store has an atmosphere, and you want to maintain that atmosphere as well as you can. One excellent way to do this is to invest in storefront window decals. Window graphics help spice up your windows’ look without needing any replacements. 

Take Action Today

As you can tell, storefront windows serve a variety of purposes. Don’t put up with faulty windows; they can lead to worse problems in the long run.

If your windows need replacing, take action today! Find energy-efficient windows that will meet your store’s needs!

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