Kratom for Depression: How It Works, Dosages, and More

Poor mental health takes a toll on the people who suffer from it. It not only affects the victim but also the people around them. There are many ways to help cure mental illness, but either that requires many medicines or therapy. Kratom has been known to help with effects related to mental health. Therefore we will throw light on what it does and how it helps. 

There are many kinds of sedatives available for every kind of pain and otherwise. Would not call Kratom a sedative, but it has proved to be great alternatives to supplements. Kratom comes from the Southeast Asian region. Many people have been using Kratom to get relief from pain for centuries. 

Primarily, Kratom is also known as Mitragnya Speciosa. It is known to have psychotropic effects on the mind. It has been known to cause mild hallucinations and mind-altering effects. But for the most part, kratom is known to help people walk through a lot of pain and other discomforts. Recent studies have shown that it may also have some effects that are related to mental health. This has created a positive outlook on the plant, causing most people to look out for it to help themselves.  

How to use kratom? 

During the nineteenth century, people used to consume kratom in the form of tea. They used to crush the leaves directly from the tree, after which it was produced and died. It caused a relaxing and cooling effect. Finally, they boil it simply how tea is generally made. It usually tastes really bitter, so they decompress it with honey or sugar. Nonetheless, now there are new ways of consuming kratom. One popular method is intaking supplements. They are small capsules that are artificially produced to make consumption easier. 

Nowadays, a lot of people also smoke it. They simply crush the dried and processed leaves and use them to smoke through vapes, etc. you can also infuse kratom powder and mix it with food to make edibles. 

How does kratom help with Depression? 

There have been many studies conducted around this plant. Though not much of the studies have officially surfaced, there are many people who have helped themselves. In regards to mental health issues and other symptoms of severe dysfunctionalities, people have not had many complaints.

A study conducted in 2018 reviewed that people are usually seen to be fond of this plant. It has helped greatly with anxiety and depression. Additionally, it has had an instant effect to better the mood. Symptoms of anxiety have seen to massively decrease, that includes social anxiety and untimely paranoia. 

So what does kratom do to decrease and help with depression and other mental illnesses? Scientists have observed that premium green borneo kratom consists of a compound known as mitragynine-7, which reacts with the opioid receptors of the brain.  This gives the body and the brain a stimulant effect which gives the users energy. Therefore, the amount of kratom intake causes some effects on the brain and the body. These effects include numbness of pain, sedation, and cause pleasure. That is why you need to maintain a certain dosage depending on the kind of effect you would want. 

What dosage is considered safe? 

The effects may vary from mild to strong, and accordingly, you will experience its effects. Many people have been found to get addicted to kratom. But those are very extreme cases. Nonetheless, for the betterment of your health, you need to make sure you are not using it very often. Additionally, you should start with mild doses to have a soothing effect that would stay for a while enough to enjoy it. You should especially do that if you are completely new to the plant. Hence, to give you a better idea, below mentioned are some effects with respect to doses: 

Dose which are mild have light effects concerning physical and mental benefits. Physical benefits are like having a light, breezy and relaxing feeling. It helps to numb any pain that you may be experiencing.  The dose that is categorized as mild should be between 5 to 7 grams. The effects will last up to 12 hours, depending on how often you eat. This will cause a sedative-like effect on the mind. Generally, regular use of mild doses does not get you addicted. 

Doses ranging from 7 to 12 g are considered moderate. It will provide a similar effect to that of mild doses. But it will enhance the feeling of being numb. It may make you feel drowsy as well. Moreover, it may cause dizziness but on the bright side help with chronic pain. It has also been known to increase social participation. Occasional moderate doses may help reduce your anxiety.  In the long run, the symptoms reduce even when you are not under the influence. It also makes you feel alert to not get used to it.  

While most people prefer having mild to moderate doses, there are people who walk the extra mile. Larger doses are categorized for doses higher than 12 grams to 25 grams. Initially, it is just another increased version of the sedative-like effect. But gradually, it brings a sense of calmness and causes euphoria. In some cases, it has also been known to cause hallucinations. 

Some lesser-known benefits of kratom 

We have been talking about the benefits related to extreme chronic pain and other mental health issues. But there are many benefits that come with kratom for depression, but people generally do not talk about it. This is because it is not adverse but nonetheless increases the overall quality of life. They are: 

  • Any kind of pain-causing in any place, even headaches
  • Fatigue and lethargy
  • Helps with withdrawal symptoms of opioid 
  • PTSD 


Many people argue that kratom is not at all effective and may cause adverse effects. These effects may cause harm to your health. But regular users have observed that any health effect that is caused only makes it better. Nonetheless, you should maintain a safe dosage for best results. 

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Last modified: October 4, 2021

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